141. I can feel my spirit rising ...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I'm still obsessed with this song from the Queer as Folk finale. It's one of those great mood uplifting songs. I uploaded the song here, and I posted the link in a past entry. The past few days my mood hasn't been the best. I saw things changing, and it unsettled me because the changes that were happening didn't need to happen. If some would have had found in themselves to have just a bit of patience, things would have been settled and fixed a week or two ago. I can't keep thinking about it. All I can do is move forward with my life. Just amazes you when you take a break to focus on you and your life, your goals, how some just don't see that is all your doing, and make it about them, and how you no longer want to be their friend. Especially when that wasn't the case at all. I have a lot of good and positive things in my life, and those are the things I will make my focus on. Thank you to everyone that commented my post yesterday!

Am I the only person that can spend forever in a stationaery or a book store? Today, I went to a dollar store (you never realize how many great deals you can find these places!). I ended up spending way too much time in the stationery aisle, picking out pens and pencils to use, because I'm trying to write rough drafts some by hand. i did write some of my untitled WIP last night. I really wasn't in the mood to write, but I pushed onward and did it. Even if it was only 300 words, it is 300 words I didn't have the night before. I've always heard a true writer is one that will write even when they don't feel like it. I also wrote another little short Queer as Folk based fic last night, and that is over on my fiction blog if you wanted to check it out.

Speaking of my fiction blog, I went searching over the weekend to find places to list it, so I would get a bit more traffic there. Since there is erotic content, it took a bit of looking, but I found a few places. I went last night to check if my site was listed, and I was really amused. My fiction blog was listed the same day as sites talking about strap-ons and cell phone sex. And one of the sites sends feeds to another site, so when I updated last night one of the sites that listed the update was something called justwantfuck.com ....0.o! I'm telling you I never laughed so hard as when I saw that! It is getting me hits though. 60 hits the last two days, so ... haha! I can't even type about it without laughing.

I'll just end this here. Have an amazing day everyone. I know I aim too.


Suzanne said...

LOL on your source of hits!!!!!!

Kelly Parra said...

I LOVE stationary & book stores!!! Yes, I could wander for hours!!

Gina said...

I'm still amused! My itty bitty fiction blog surrounded by all those sites!

me too, Kelly!

Anonymous said...

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