Living in a Vista World

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

That is what it appears we now live in. I've had my trusty computer since 2002, when a couple of weeks ago, it started giving me a problem turning on. I knew it was the power switch. I just needed a new one. I called the manufacturer, and they told me they no longer carry that for my model. I would need a new computer.

So this is where I entered a Vista world. I've heard so many horrible things about Vista. I didn't want to switch to it, but the computer is great. 2.7 GHZ and 2Gb of Ram. I have never had a computer run this fast. I hated Vista though. A lot of the programs I had grown to love using stopped working in Vista.

Two weeks later, and I like Vista a little better. I don't think it is from Vista itself. I'm learning how to work with it, but I still miss how things used to be on my XP computer. If I had a retail XP disc, I would have downgraded already.

What I love is how much faster my computer is and how much faster I can get things done. If I was still in XP, I bet it would be even faster because XP uses less memory. The move is next weekend. You don't really realize how much junk you have until you start throwing it out! I should be around more in October.

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