A Moment

Sunday, August 31, 2008

To all those in the eye of Hurricane Gustav at the moment, please take care and get out of its way as fast as you can. My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this coming storm.

Up Way Too Early

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I have no idea why I find myself up and awake before 6am. The blog here has been quiet here the last few weeks, but I have had a tough August. I had the flu for nearly two weeks, and next month I am moving. It is a small move, but we are preparing things now for a move into our new apartment by September 20. We are being forced to make the move. It is either that or move out of our building entirely.

My focus has been on getting well, keeping up my entertainment blog, Celebrity Today, and now this move. This should be an interesting month, and I am hoping things run smoothly. Not only that, but my family has been dealing with some changes as well. Changes with my dad's employment. My brother started a new job.

Someone I knew in high school contacted me the other day on my My Space. That was a bit trippy. All in all, life is definitely keeping me on my toes lately, and I foresee a lot of changes in the weeks and months ahead. If this blog is a bit quiet in the coming weeks, that is why. All should be well and in hand by October 1st. If not sooner!

Hear It On Twitter First

Monday, August 04, 2008

That is what I'm learning. It seems when news breaks, it becomes viral within moments if you are on twitter and follow a lot of people. Last week when we had the California earthquake, residents in the area immediately went to their twitters and shared about it. I knew about the earthquake almost within moments. I could have been there and felt it myself for how fast I knew it.

Later in the week, Problogger was banned from Stumbleupon and because of Twitter and a post submitted to Digg, he was reinstated almost within the hour. I looked at my tweets, and there had been a firestorm about the ban.

Today, the topic that hit everyone fast was the news of Morgan Freeman's car accident. Twitter seems to be instant news. If you want instant feedback, go to twitter, and people will respond. I seem to be spending more time there these days, but time always seems to be so short!

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