376. Bones Episode 2.1 (premiere)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

From TV.com: The team investigates a bullet-train derailment.

Bones returns tonight with all new season, its second. This episode follows Bones and her team as they investigate a train derailment. Bones and Booth arrive on scene, and they meet a woman that appears to be from Booth's past, Camilla. She is a coroner, and she doesn't get along with Bones upon first meeting. While going through the wreckage, the body of a senator is found, and the new coroner goes to work on doing autopsy. A man in a car, which is believed to be the cause of the accident, is also found. Bones goes about trying to identify that body, and Hodgins thinks he knows who it is based on a bracelet found on the victim. Upon further investigation, Zack discovers the body that the man died long before the train hit the car.

His identity is confirmed by Bones, and the investigation continues. Booth feels that the victim in the car is the victim of foul play. He is the man behind a huge multi-million dollar company, and his death will cause the stock in that company to plummet. They also find out the man was about to be arrested, and after they talk to his wife he also finds out that she was about to leave him because of his infidelity. Meanwhile, Bones and the team is dealing with the new coroner also being the new head of forensics at the Jeffersonian. Goodman appointed her when Bones was off on vacation, and now Goodman is on his extended break.

Even more curious in this case is that Bones finds out that Warren Lynch, the victim in the car, not only was murdered and a cheat, but he was a junkie. They interview another man, and they find out he was also being blackmailed. Possibly by one of his girlfriends. As the investigation continues, the new boss clashes with Bones and her team. She doesn't want them to be doing out there experiments without her permission. Bones and Booth go out to eat at the end of the day, and Booth tells her about a new development in her mother's case. The man they arrested in connection to it was killed. He was Bones only connection to her father.

Back at the lab, Angela works her magic to create an image of the man found in the car, and they find it definitely wasn't Warren Lynch. Just someone made to look like him. Bones and Booth go on a stake out to find out who the man is that died, and they find him. Someone also finds Warren Lynch, but their is little chance of that man telling them anything useful to solve the case. He was thrown from a speeding car, and before hand he was badly beaten. Booth talks to Camilla about why she took the job there at the Jeffersonian. He assumes it is about him, but she makes it clear that he wasn't even a factor. She wanted a better place to work.

We take a break from the train derailment case for Booth and Bones to interview another man in connection with her mother's death and father's disappearance, but the interview only brings up more questions. It appears that her father somehow had the man responsible for her mother's death killed. Somehow her going through her mother's things brings something to light in the train case. Lynch kept one ring on, even after giving the other man everything else. This leads them Lynch's friend, and Lynch was also involved before he suffered his injuries. Bones leads Booth to try to trip up the man, and this goes against all legal ways of conducting a case. We have just a bit of good cop and bad cop that definitely ends up working. However, the prosecutor on the case is less than thrilled, even the team was able to get results.

At the end of episode, we see Bones visit her mother's grave. She asks her mother about her father. She also finds a dolphin pendant at the grave site, which means her father has been there to the grave since her mother's funeral. I am so glad to see this series back. It is the right mix of drama and comedy, and I'm interested to see what this new cast addition will add to the mix. Camilla is definitely more hands on than Goodman was. This might be a very good thing.

374. Vanished Episode 1.02

Monday, August 28, 2006

From TV.com: A call comes into the FBI hot line from a man claiming to know Sara as Nicky Johnson several years ago. Also Senator Collins ex-wife Jessica is being looked at as a suspect in the disappearance.

Last week, we saw Sara Collins, wife of a popular Georgia senator vanished from a party held in her honor. We saw as the authorities began to work on the case with enough twists and turns to keep this show somewhat interesting. Somehow a whole season of following one case doesn't appeal to me though. Things need to be kept interesting. Will this show be able to do that throughout an entire season? Tonight's episode titled The Tunnel opens with the senator going live on air to talk about his wife's disappearance. The FBI investigator in charge of the case isn't thrilled about this decision, but he does end up giving him advice when he doesn't see the senator backing down. The senator goes on air, and he makes an impassioned plea to those holding his wife. Currently, the main suspect in the case is the senator's ex-wife who just happens to be in town.

The man that knew Sara Collins before calls in with his information about Nicky Johnson, but his call is marked as a low priority. The investigators continue to work, taking in footage from all the surveillance cameras in the area, and while this is being done their is a match to some fingerprints found in the ex-wife's hotel room. Her son knew she was in town, and the FBI confronts him on this, but the head investigator says the boy wasn't lying to them but to his father. As for the daughter, she has run off, and she has found something that might contain Sara's blood. She is on the run, but when someone follows her and confronts her, she calls Agent Kelton, who brings her in. She gives him the material for testing, and she will tell him where she found it if the blood matches. It doesn't though, and the daughter appears to run again.

Studying the footage, the team finds a discrepancy in time, and this leads them to think Sara might be still in the tunnel in the city. They find signs of her being there, and they also find something else, a bomb waiting for them. Kelton tries to get out of the way, but he is only able to save the person with him before it goes off and the tunnel comes crashing down around him. He survives, and he is able to get out. Things keep getting stranger though because Kelton finds a connection between the number 929, the name Nathan, and his previous case. The person holding Sara might know that he would be put on this case, but he isn't sure for what reason.

We go back in time a bit to 1994 to see Nicky Johnson meet the man in Massachusetts. We see their first meeting before we return to the present to find the senator being questioned about his wife's disappearance and his politics. It appears he has an enemy. The case moves forward, and we see the woman found frozen last week. She is identified, and it appears the woman's husband is the main suspect in that woman's disappearance and murder. However, that man tells Kelton to go after the senator because he knows who has his wife. With one final message to the senator, the older man shoots himself, committing suicide. This hits Kelton hard, and Judy Nash comes to confront him with a phone call. We then another flashback to Nicky and her man back in 1994, and we see him propose before once again jumping back to the present and the senator. Kelton confronts him on what the older man said before pulling the trigger on himself. However, the senator has no idea. He hasn't even met the man.

Things continue to get even more complicated as we meet the ex-wife of the senator, and the victim's mother tries to get Judy Nash to help the people see her daughter. The man that knew Nicky Johnson gets tired of getting nowhere with the hot line, and with another flashback to 1994 we see him decide to go. Sarah's step-daughter confronts her boyfriend about the blood soaked shirt and the money he had. He wants the money back, but the man took it from her. Kelton is called to the morgue to see the quickly decomposed body of the frozen corpse, Amanda McNeal. At the end of the episode, we see the man from Massachusetts go to Judy Nash with information on Sara Collins. This episode had so many twists and turns. It made it a bit difficult to keep up. Too much might have been happening, but with all the question that keep popping up that might also help many keep interest in the show as the season continues on.

373. Topsy Turvy

Don't you hate when life set you off balance? You're not quite sure of what to make of things. All you can do is continue on as you have been, and hope things clear up. You ask the questions, but you don't get the answers. This just leaves you with the feeling that your life is not under your own control, but under the control of someone else. It isn't the best feeling. In fact, it can one of the most unsettling. If someone won't give you the answers you seek, you can't keep asking the questions because pretty soon they sound old even to your ears.

So instead of continuing to ask, you wait for the answers to somehow come. Life just feels unsettled right now. I feel like I might be at some kind of crossroads in my life, but I'm not sure yet. I'm waiting for answers, and I'm not sure when they will come. I'm throwing myself into my writing some, but I'm still blanking a bit on the fiction front. I am writing though, so at least that is something right? I just seem to get quiet here when I have things on my mind, and I've certainly had things on my mind.

This month has just been one big mess with my uncle passing on, and some work related issues that keep popping up. I'll be oh so glad when September finally arrives in a few days. Not only that, but our power here kept going off over the weekend, so I had to call my electric company to find out what was wrong because last time we had these problems we had a five hundred dollar come in the mail that we were stuck paying. That is the last thing we need at the moment. They are sending someone out next week to look at things, so hopefully it'll fix itself by then. It's just been one crazy month.

Look for my review of the second episode of Vanished later tonight. I'm not all that sure what to make of the show yet, but I'll continue to watch some because I am a huge fan of Gale Harold. I'll be selecting a new Blog of the Week in the next twenty-fours, so place your bids now if you're interested in living on my sidebar for a week.

372. Empty Days

Thursday, August 24, 2006

You never know how empty your days can become when you stop doing one thing. When you stop doing that one thing, you find you spent a lot of time doing it. Now you just find yourself asking why. I'm waiting for the fall season to kick really into gear. Right now, there isn't much for me to do. Next month will pick things back up. I'm trying to jump back into the fiction, but it is taking a bit of time from my mind to switch gears. I figure right now I should just enjoy this time, and the rest will come in due time. Sounds like an idea anyway right?

371. TV Review: Vanished Season One Premiere

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

From FOX: The wife of a Georgia senator has vanished. The search for her unravels a prominent family and exposes evidence that could rock the foundations of American Society.

FOX's fall season premiered Monday night with the first of the season's fall arrivals, Vanished. This series has been much talked about in recent months, and it brings some familiar faces back to television, including Gale Harold from Showtime's hit series Queer as Folk and Ming Na, best known for her role on the hit NBC series, ER. The series follows the disappearance of a Senator's wife, but before the investigation can begin she has to disappear first.

This episode opens up with her on a strange phone call where she asks the caller to never call her at the house again. That night is the night of a big party. We see the wife and her husband share a moment before they both need to get ready for the party, and then we jump ahead to the party itself. The wife gets a phone call that is urgent, and she leaves the table. This is the last we see of Sarah, the senator's wife.

As it turns out, the man that came to get her about the phone call doesn't actually work at the hotel the party is being held at. In fact, someone on staff mentions facial hair is against hotel policy. The senator notices the door to the outside open, and he runs out. Once there he finds a necklace a young girl just gave to his wife. It was ripped off her neck.

We are then introduced to the main investigator of the case played by Gale Harold. We see him in a flashback on a prior case that goes terribly wrong. He is then assigned to this case. We also see a reporter, Judy Nash, played by Rebecca Gayheart that jumps when she hears about the possible kidnapping of the senator's wife.

Once the investigator and his team reach the scene of the crime, they go to work. Agent Kelton takes over and he finds the fingerprints of the man that went off with the wife. It turns out the wife might not be the only one missing. Her step-daughter is also nowhere to be found, but we quickly see that the daughter is just off with her boyfriend. SWAT breaks in and finds, but the boyfriend is quickly released. The reporter sees the daughter's boyfriend as her in with the family. We also learn that the senator's wife, Sarah Collins, was possibly pregnant, according to a home pregnancy test found on the scene.

Kelton takes this information to the Senator. He wants to go to the media with a ransom call, but the detective stops that. Next on the list is downloading the GPS from her car so they can know where she was that day. She went to a small cafe. An interview with her parents bring to light that she can't possibly be pregnant. Kelton is called when they find the concierge that had come for Sarah Collins. However, when they arrive they find him dead in the trunk of a car. He died shortly after he left with Sarah.

As for Judy Nash, she is stirring up trouble. Her own investigation picks up that Sarah Collins has disappeared before, prior to her marriage to the senator. She also is successful in getting the daughter's boyfriend to talk. The detective looks into who Sarah met at the cafe the day before, and an ATM camera shows that she met her husband's ex-wife. The two had supposedly never met before, so this confuses the senator. This sends the FBI to her location. However, she is gone when they arrive. Hairs that appear to belong to Sarah are found in the room.

This case gets extremely weird when the FBI goes to an abandoned house and find the body of a long missing woman, the wife of the mayor of Atlanta. She had disappeared ten years before, and it appears she hasn't aged a day since her disappearance. The detectives believe she was killed and then frozen ten years ago, only to be dethawed and left to be found now. The episode ends with a man seeing Sarah's picture and saying she is a woman he used to date twelve years before named Nicky Johnson.

This series has an okay beginning. It felt a bit choppy and slow in parts. Upon first seeing Agent Kelton, I told myself he appeared to be Brian Kinney, only straight. Kinney being the character Gale Harold is best known for from Queer as Folk. I felt no connection to any of the characters though. The wife disappears way too quickly for us to really care about her. Perhaps, they needed to have an episode with more shown on her and then have the big disappearance. I'll keep watching, and I'll let you know what I think as the series progresses.

370. Note About Vanished

Monday, August 21, 2006

Tonight I was planning to review the premiere of Vanished for this site, but about forty minutes before the show was to air, we had a power outage due to a storm in the area. Power remained off for close to four hours. I will attempt to watch the episode through some other means, but in case that doesn't happen there will be no recap and review of the premiere episode.

NOTE: Fox appears to be reairing the premiere tonight at 9/8c. I will see if that is the case, and if it is I'll have a review of Vanished up tonight.

369. In Transition

Well, things seem to change and keep changing. I've had a lot on my mind the past week. With my uncle's death and some work related issues. It seems things just keep happening. One thing after another. The new fall season picks up tonight, and starting today my reviews will now appear on this blog and not my other one. I figure it was just best to combine the two. Also starting now, I will no longer have my other blog on Media Village. Some changes have been in the works for the past few weeks, and I really can't go into details about it here.

There is a chance that I'll have a blog on that site again in the near future, but for now this is for the best. The blog will be deleted from the site in a few days. I'm still waiting word on my forum on that site, but for now that appears to be still working. These changes have been in the works for a bit now, but I'm just now mentioning them. My mind hasn't been all that focused this past week, so putting my thoughts together wasn't working. I'm trying to figure where do I go from here. I have options. I just need to explore them. I've been in contact with one of the local print publications here in my area, and things look promising on that front.

As I mentioned before, August always seems to be a month of transition for me each year, so this year is no exception. I will finish the season out for Fresh Meat on my review blog because it appears that is nearly at its end. However, starting with this fall season my reviews will now appear here only. If you have my review blog, One Couch Critic, linked on your site could you please update your links accordingly.

Before I go, I want to welcome this week's Blog Of The Week to My Wild Mind. This week, we have Beth from Ramblings of an Undisturbed Mind. Everyone that bid was great. sorry I let some bid's expire this week. I had some things that kept me occupied yesterday. Make sure to bid again next week!

367. They just keep coming

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The curve balls seem to keep coming. Things keep happening, and I have no control over any of them. Yesterday morning, I received a call from one of cousins that my uncle died that morning. My uncle being my dad's youngest brother. This means my dad is now the last living in his family. His mother died at 102 two years ago, and his five siblings have passed on over the last ten years or so. My dad is eighty at the moment. He turns eighty-one in December, and this is hitting him pretty hard.

Last night, he kept me telling me he was the only one left because everyone else had died. There is nothing I can really say or do. He'd hate for me to hover. So I'm just here if he needs me. I think he's going back to California this weekend for the funeral. He hasn't decided yet. I wasn't all that close to my uncle. My time was spent with my other uncle and my aunt, but yesterday was just a blow. We had no warning he was even sick. The illness crept the last four weeks we were told. So it was sudden. I'm just worried about my father at the moment.

366. How Time Flies

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I didn't realize how long it has been since my last update until I came to check on my blog. Things have been just a bit on the hectic side since my last post. Life seems to like keep throwing me curve balls, and I haven't been all that sure how to handle a few things. One personal and the other professional. I know things will end up straightening themselves out eventually. Personally, I'm the type of person to let few people get that close, and when I happen to let someone in and they totally screw me over then it sort of sets me off base for a bit.

One person has done that in recent months after a two year friendship, and I'm not sure what to think anymore. I've heard rumors and stories, and something totally the opposite from the person themselves. Yesterday they seemed to pop up out of nowhere for the first time in months, and I'll have a feeling it will be months again before I see them again. It's a pattern that has been developing. I've also been feeling just a bit under the weather since the weekend.

Back on Friday night, we had a huge storm here. My dad woke up to use the restroom in the middle of the night, and he blew a fuse. So half of our apartment had power, and the other half didn't. It was fixed by the next morning once we reset the breakers, but it just started off a weekend of a bunch of little things that ended up adding to one big headache. Then I got sick, and everything just sort of snowballed from there. This is the first day since Saturday, I haven't wanted to scream. Before I go, I have an all new blog of the week! This week, we have Hot House Momma! Check her out!

365. Any So You Think You Can Dance Fans?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I have been spending part of my summer covering the Fox reality series over on my review blog and my news blog at Media Village, but now its just about done. Last night was the performance finale. We'll find out who will win next week. Over on my forum, I just set up a poll just to see who everybody wants to win the competition. It's open to everyone, so even if you're not a member of a forum you can vote. You might consider joining once you take a look. So if you watched the show, head on over and vote! While you're there you can also check out Media Village's answer to the Emmy snubs this year with their TV Fan Awards!

364. Another shift

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's amazing how quickly things can turn around. Last week, I wasn't sure what I was doing next or what path I was taking. I felt like I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off with no hope in stopping anytime soon. This week my mind is a little clearer, and I'm moving forward. I've made some plans that I really can't go into right now because I'm not sure if they will go through. I'm looking at all the options and trying to decide what to do next. Even though I'm still figuring things out, life doesn't seem as difficult right now.

I'm still considering making some changes here to this blog and my review site. I'm pondering a domain name and possibly combining the two sites into one. When I began my blog here, my intention was to review items on this site. However, this site turned more into a daily personal blog. Then last September, I decided to expand my reviews, and at that point it seemed only logical to create a separate blog for my reviews. That doesn't seem as logical anymore to me. Why promote two sites when I can promote one? I still have my other blog on media village to promote as well. So the way I see it, two is better than three.

I've been writing a lot more. A couple of weeks ago, I joined a role play type directory where writers can meet and then decide on writing together or not. I've found a few amazing writing partners since I started. A couple of them just blow me away with their writing, and I see myself growing as a writer. I'm challenging myself, and its been exciting and fun at the same time. Usually I'm the type writer than can only five hundred words a day before my brain shuts down, but now I'm pounding out a five hundred word response in twenty minutes, and waiting for the reply. It's interactive and fun. A couple of the scenarios I have at the current time are fun and different too. They are making me think.

The other writer's I'm working with are keeping on my toes, and I already see improvement in my writing. Now I just need to jump into normal fiction writing again. I'm pondering ideas, but nothing is sticking out at me at the moment. I want something new and different. I'm even thinking about heading back into straight writing again. I might be able to sell that a bit easier than the gay romance I've been writing. I just want something new and challenging to grab me. I know I'll come up with the perfect idea for me to jump back into things eventually. I just need a little bit of patience. My Blog of the Week, The Lost Girls, have updated! Why don't you go check out their adventures in Peru!

363. Now would Danny Tanner Do This?

There is something so wrong about seeing one of the actors that played one of my favorite television dads ever giving the finger. I find it oddly disturbing, yet amusing at the same time.

361. Blog of the Week

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ever wanted to throw your cares away and travel around the world? Well this week's Blog of the Week has done just that. Sorry for not getting around to welcoming The Lost Girls to my sidebar til just now, but right now why don't you head on over and read about their adventures in Brazil. Thanks to the seventeen blogs that battled it out for the spot on my sidebar this week. You're all amazing. Please bid again!

360. Only On TV

Friday, August 04, 2006

Sometimes I hear the funniest things on television shows, quotes that make me laugh. So maybe I should post those from time to time to share the laughter. Here is one from today's Guiding Light.

Jonathan: I don't care if Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson and Jessica Rabbit were naked and playing games in that shower together. I still wouldn't cheat on you.
Tammy: Jessica Rabbit is a cartoon character.
Jonathan: Well ... she's a hot character.

359. What is it about August?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ever have life throw just a tiny bit of a curve your way that leaves you feeling like your hands are tied? I'm in a middle of one of those moments right now, and it hasn't been a good feeling. It never is of course, but now I'm starting to wonder if maybe this curve might end up being a good thing. It might push me forward instead of keeping me standing still. As I was thinking about it though, life seems to throw the most curves at me in the month of August. Last August, I pondered starting my own review site, and by September 1st it was up.

Now I'm pondering combining my review site with this one to make it easier to promote and such. I'm still thinking about it. It would be one site instead of two, and then maybe I can buy one domain and webspace instead of two. It wouldn't change the reviews. It would just change where they are located. Anyway, I'm just thinking about it for the moment. The past couple of days I've been writing a lot. I love feeling those creative juices flowing, and it is reminding me just how much I love fiction writing.

I love creating the characters in my head and letting them interact. I love watching them go. It is the best part of writing other than writing those beautiful final words, the end. Sometimes you need to reminded why you loved to write in the first place. This isn't one of the easiest professions to jump into, and if you're not persistant you have a good chance of not ever making it. I'm still trying to make something of myself when it comes to writing. I know I can write, but being able to look at my bank account and say I could support myself by spinning my words together is definitely something I'm still working on doing. It's one day at a time. I'm just not the most patient, but maybe this little curve I've been thrown will push me even further along in my quest. Not that money is everything, but some day I would love to be able to support myself this way.

358. Back To Writing

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm exhausted, and I'm about to head to bed, but I knew it had been a couple of days since my last post in here. I've been busy. Busy writing up a storm. No, my fiction muses aren't back, but I think they might be finding their way back to me soon. As I have mentioned in the past, I like to role play. Give me a scenario and a character and let me go. Someone I know made some type of role play network one of the sites I'm on, and I joined it the end of last week. It's a place where people can get together and figure out scenes. Those scenes might go into story lines and whole lives and characters can then be created.

I've begun working with some wonderful writers since I joined. We've created some different scenes together, and I'm really loving writing again right now. My fiction has been so dead since March, and this is fiction in a way. A bit more interactive, but I'm writing, and my brain is tired. I thnk that's a good thing. My mind is usually always going a million miles an hour, looking for something to occupy it. Now it has something. It's reminding me how much I love to write. Not planning anything. Just deciding the basics and then letting her rip so to speak.

I'm hoping that this writing I'm doing now will help me jog loose those fiction writing muses of mine so that I can start on a new story. I'd love to. Right now, I figure I should enjoy what I'm doing and let the rest come naturally. Always worked before. Right now though I'm going to bed.

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