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Sunday, April 19, 2009

I miss writing here, and I know I've gone quiet, but I'm now going to make an effort to change that. This blog has been there for me since 2005. I've gone through employment with various sites since that time, but this blog hasn't gone anywhere. It is only the time that was lacking. The time I put elsewhere to focus on other things.

Now I need to put my focus back here. This blog is never going anywhere. It is my home here on the Internet. The place where I've shared all of my thoughts. My successes and my down times. All of that is in this blog. I'm actually feeling good about my writing right now. Not everything is positive, but as it in my life not all of life is good.

I need to focus on the good in life, and that has always been how I've been. I miss writing fiction. I actually thought of a few ideas. Some fan fiction. Some not. We'll see what I can crank out. I need to take advantage of life when I can.


Mark Pettus said...

Home is nice. I feel the same way about my blog, but it's more like the home I grew up in.

Hope all is well.

addictionhelper said...

I write for a drug rehab and there are days when I can't think of anything to write about. Sometimes I have so many ideas running through my mind I could put out 10 books in a day if I could type that fast

Anonymous said...

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