Much With The Sick

Monday, November 17, 2008

First, it was the flu. Then the men in the house caught colds, and they decided to share them with me. Yes, I know! How thoughtful of them. That explains why I have been so missing in action the last couple of weeks. I've been busy enough just trying to work and nap in breaks. I hate getting sick. I know we all hate getting sick, but I really hate it.

Things have been quiet for the most part. I've been working, writing and keeping myself busy anyway I can. My dad fell in the shower back on Saturday, so he's going to the doctor today. You want to talk about a loud crash?! There was one when he fell. New people moved into my old apartment next door. It's kind of weird knowing someone else is sitting in my bedroom and staring at my ceiling.

I know it really isn't my bedroom anymore, but I lived there for thirteen years. That is a really long time, and when I saw someone had moved in, it was just an odd feeling. It will pass. I like my new apartment. Remember all those problems I used to have with my cable internet dropping every morning - right around this time actually, 10-11am? Don't have those any more. My connection hasn't dropped once since September actually. It is the small things really.


I hope you are better.

My daughter is in college to be a teacher and works at a preschool. Those kids seem to pass her every kind of bug. We are hoping she develops an immunity at some point.

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