278. Checking in

Thursday, February 23, 2006

This week has been nice and light. I actually liked the bit of a break I found myself having this week. With the Olympics on-going, many of the television programs I cover were not on, so this allowed me some freer nights. The only shows I covered this week were American Idol and Dancing With The Stars. For you American Idol fans that start watching when the vote goes to the public, check out my blog each week for my thoughts on what happened each and every week. Also over on my entertainment news blog, Thoughts from the Couch, check out there for breaking American Idol news as it happens!

On the fiction writing front, things are moving slowly along. I am now working on the ending to my current WIP while I impatiently wait to hear back from my mentor on the changes I made to the rest of the manuscript so far. I think I'm taking her suggestions and the things she's taught me and applying them to my writing now. I think she's made me a stronger writer in just the short amount of time we've been working together.

On the personal front, no word on my cat. Thanks again to all of you keeping him in your thoughts. The other night a neighbor had heard about Bobo's disappearance and brought over a kitten of hers she couldn't find a home for. She gave him to me, but it wasn’t meant to be. He just seemed to have a bit of an attitude, and I could quickly tell it wasn't a match. He hissed at me, my brother, and he got into a bit of a fight with my baby cat.

My brother has told me he has put a new kitten on hold for as well at the local animal control. If all goes well, I'll have him soon. I just wish my cat would come home. My brother says with our luck, we'd get the baby and then our cat will come waltzing home. I'd take him in a second. I know I have enough love to give three furballs if that happens.

277. Pimping and Writing

Sunday, February 19, 2006

About a year ago, my then critique partner, Laura Bacchi, asked me to take a look at a story she was working on to send to Amber Quill. I took it and read it, and offered my suggestions to her. A year later, the story is now available for purchase. It was accepted by Amber Quill, and she now has four stories out with that publisher. I remember reading it a year ago, and it was truly a wonderful story. I haven't had a chance to read my copy of the finished result yet, but I plan to soon. I just wanted to let you all know to check out Chosen: The Chronicles of Winter from Amber Quill now!

In personal writing news, I finished another round of editing on my current work in progress, and I sent them off to my mentor earlier today. Now all I have to do is wrap up the story by writing a few ending scenes. I have an idea of what is going to happen next. I just need to actually write it down, or in this case, type it.

I hope you're all well. Thank you for all the comments wishing me luck with my cat. No news yet, but I'll keep you all posted. Check out my sidebar for my newest Blog of the Week!

276. A renewed outlook ...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

You never realize how one small thing can change your mood. I've always been one to believe in dreams. My mother had this uncanny ability to tell what things might happen by her dreams, and she has passed this ability on to me, in a somewhat milder form. The week before my cat ran off I mentioned having some disturbing dreams, and they left me a bit unsettled. I knew something bad was about to happen, but I didn't know what. That is until my cat ran off that next week.

Well, last night I dreamt again. I usually only dream so vividly with a purpose in my mind, and in this dream my cat came to me and returned home. I know it’s a bit silly to allow a dream, even one of this nature, to get my hopes up. I am a bit through. The dream was just so vivid and real. Most of my dreams of this nature are.

So I'm hoping that my cat will return to me soon. If not, my brother has mentioned getting a kitten next month. However, in my heart I want my baby back more than anything. He's just been going to our local pound three times a week, and he says there are so many baby kittens that need good homes. I see no better way to help treasure Bobo than open my home to a new fur baby needing of a home.

In writing news, my renewed spirits allowed my muses to peek out earlier today, and I was able to edit the second third of the WIP my mentor and I are working on. I'm hoping to get to the last third tomorrow. The words were just flowing, even if I was cutting and editing more than actually writing. I'll have to see how things go tomorrow.

Work wise, things with television are really slowing down right now because of the Olympic coverage. I think a good many of my shows are off air this coming week, so that should give me even more time to work on my WIP with my mentor. The past couple of weeks have really slowed me down, but things should pick up soon.

I hope you're all well.

275. Going through the motions

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Do you ever feel like you're just going through the motions? Just a bit disconnected from it all? That's how I've felt lately. I'm trying to be creative and work on my fiction, but with all that has happened the last few weeks, the words just aren't coming. I had a good start with the mentor program as well, and I know I'll get back on track. I never really realized how a much a huge part of my life my cat was, and now that he is gone, it is a bit weird. I'm still hoping he finds his way home, but with each day that passes I'm feeling a bit that is going to be less likely to happen.

With the Olympics, my schedule is a bit lighter work wise, and I am taking advantage of that. I'll only have one truly heavy night this week, and that is Wednesday night with a lot of good shows on with new episodes. Lost, Bones and American Idol.

Am I the only one that isn't all that thrilled with this season's American Idol. I'm just not enjoying it as much. I'm hoping things improve once we know who the top twelve are and the competition goes to the American public for their votes. That is tomorrow night. I do have a few favorites, and I was glad to see most of them included.

I'm really trying to get back into things. 2006 just hasn't worked out as I hoped it would so far. I hope you're all well.

274. Death, Taxes and blog wars

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I haven't been the best of bloggers lately. At least, not in my mind. Since the beginning of the year, I haven't been quite sure what to say in here. January was just a tough month, and then my cat, which is more like a child to me, ran off. Still no sign of him yet, but I'm not giving up hope yet.

Yesterday, I did my taxes, my federal ones in any case. For the first year in many, I actually had reportable writing income. It was a nice feeling, but I really didn't make enough to make it worth actually filing for the less than stellar return. My father always said there are two things in life you must do – die and pay taxes. Well, I don't have any taxes to pay – this year. We'll have to see about next year when that happens.

I've been slacking on my blog reading a bit lately, but I've kept up as much as I possibly could. It seems I missed a bit of battle this week with inspirational author, Brenda Coulter. The battle started when she limited her contest to only U.S. readers, which is her right. However, the way she went about things, and some of the things she said in her blog posts about erotic romance authors is really bothering me.

I read her blog on a regular basis. I even link to her blog because I have found some interest in it. She has linked me back in return. However, right now after reading some of the things she said about erotic romance authors I'm a bit offended. I'm an erotic romance author, aspiring, but still I'm on my way to publication. It is just a matter of time. I don't hate anyone. I'm not controversial. I stay out of the line of fire so to speak. I'm also quite intelligent. However, according to Brenda, erotic romance authors are just out looking for a fight and they are selfish and stupid. That is where I got offended.

She has taken a simple matter of a contest and her reasons for not allowing non-US entrants and blown it into this huge debate. However, she won't debate it. Her opinion is the only one that matters, unless that opinion supports her side. I won't comment her entry. I won't email her. I really see no point in going in and saying anything. It looks like anything I have to say will fall on death ears.

As writers, when we decide to blog, it is a matter of promoting our writing and ourselves. That is what it really boils down to. Our blogs are our platforms to our readers. They can see what we think, feel and see our work all on one place. We blog in hopes of finding more readers. So this is what I don't get, how is being rude and mean and insulting to a whole genre of readers and writers promoting something good? I think it is actually more negative publicity. Then you have to remember the saying as well – any publicity is good publicity.

273. Trying to get back on track

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's amazing how one thing can change everything. Still no sign of my cat, and it is weird not having him around. This cat was literally attached to my hip 24/7. He was never five feet from me if I was home. I'm not giving up hope. I've heard stories of cats finding their way back to their homes months after they had run off. So I'll be patiently waiting for him to hopefully return. In a month or two, I know in my mind the chances will get slimmer, and I do plan on getting another kitten. Partially to keep my younger cat happy, but partially for me too. I'm used to having two felines running under foot.

I'm trying to get back into things. I'm working on my site first, and then I'll pick the fiction back up. With the events of the last week, I haven't been a very good mentee, but my mentor has been very understanding. I'm sure things will pick back up soon on that end. Linda has been very helpful, and she has already given me some great suggestions on how to improve my writing. I just need to get my head back into the game.

I also keep pondering Phaze's new Surge contest. An idea I had been planning on writing once I was done with my current WIP would be a perfect fit for the contest, but I'm not sure if I want to add yet another WIP on top of the others I'm already working on. I'm giving it some more though, and I guess I'll wait and see what happens next. The past week three has totally thrown me out of whack, but I think it really helped me focus my priorities as well. I hope you're all well. Have a great night.

272. Checking in

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hi everyone. I just wanted to check in since I know it's been awhile since I posted anything in here. My cat is still MIA. People think they have seen him here and there and everywhere, but I've not caught up to him yet. I thinking its possible someone took him in. We've even checked the local pound, which is not even five minutes from here. We plan to check again today, just on the off chance someone was able to catch him.

My poor kitten is moping around too. He's lost his playmate. I'm going to try to get back into gear with things this week. I just knew I had to keep looking for him everyday because the longer he's gone, the less likely he will be found. I'm putting more flyers up tomorrow and expanded the area with those. It looks like he might have gotten out of the complex area, which is huge really.

If he doesn't turn up in a couple of more weeks, I plan to go down to the pound and rescue a kitten, so that my younger one isn't so lonely. He's always been around other cats - first, when he was a baby with his litter of brothers and sisters, and then he had Bobo all these months. I just hope he isn't out there running around, and perhaps someone took him in. I'd rather him be inside where it is nice and warm and he has food to eat. Of course, I'd rather it be here with me. I just miss him.

I really haven't even been on the computer much. I turn it on, and leave it on to check email. I took the weekend off totally from writing. I didn't even work on my sites at all since Friday. I know I need to get back into the swing of things though. I think having my cat go missing opened my eyes to a lot of things too. I can definitely see some changes being made. Maybe I needed him to go away for a bit, so I could make some positive changes in my own life. I just wish he'd come home now because I see things a bit differently now. Funny how that works huh?

Quick note: I have a new Blog of the Week. Check out my sidebar for the musings and ramblings of The Rock Bitch! I promise I won't be gone as long this time. I just couldn't think to write anything in here. It was hard enough getting my necessary writing done.

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