391. Dancing With The Stars Shocker?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Was anyone else shocked to see Harry Hamlin go home this week? I thought between Harry and Jerry, Jerry was the more logical choice. I loved Harry's performance last night.

390. Let the rain fall down ...

I think awhile back on this blog I said that sometimes you have to make the unpopular decisions even if people won't understand it. People may not understand everything you do, but it isn't for people to understand really. They don't have to understand every little single thing about you because it is you living your life and not them. You're the only one in charge of your life. Your destiny and your happiness is in your hands and no one else's. Sometimes things just change, and you don't know why. You can't explain it. You don't even want to try to explain it.

I've had the same posters on my walls for over five years. I don't even have interest in the same things anymore. The posters need to come down. Yet they stay up. The people in my life stayed there and some maybe stayed longer than they should have. Things just change, and sometimes that connection fades. Sometimes one half of the equation changes, and when it comes to any relationship it takes two to make it work. Sometimes there is nothing to fix because nothing is there anymore to fix.

Making the unpopular decision isn't always easy. That's why its unpopular. It isn't easy, and it might even be something you fight. Then you just come to a point where you're tired of the fight. Friendships, love, any type of relationship really is never easy. They can change over time, and the change shouldn't be looked as something negative. Change happens, and it happens for a reason. I've always believed that. I've been fighting something for months now, and it finally came time to do something. No one else could.

And the posters came down. Its time for a change, and I'm the only one that can do it.

389. Strange Changes

Monday, September 25, 2006

About five years ago, I made a friend, and she wrote slash fan fiction, which is basically gay erotica based on characters from television shows or real life persons thrown into situations you create for them. By that point, I was already watching Queer as Folk. Somehow my friends managed to talk me into trying to write a slash fiction story because I already written a few straight fiction stories. For the next two years, that was all I wrote, and then I decided to try and write original stories instead of just fan fiction. My fan fiction had done well, and I had readers. I just knew I wanted more than that. Up until about six months ago, I was writing gay erotica/romance pretty much exclusively. Then my muses dried up, and they are still getting back to work now.

However, for the first time in years my mind and my fiction has gone straight. Something which I never thought would happen. I have a few ideas on why, but I won't go into why here. I'm trying to switch gears mid-race it feels like though. All this time has been spent trying to write this one way, and now my mind is going in this entirely different direction. It's taking my mind a bit to catch up. Its strange though. I know writing more straight fiction would probably get me published easier. The market for gay fiction is still growing. You just never know how hard it is going from trying to get into the mindset of gay man to having that same man not be gay and actually straight. You learn to program your mind to write one way, and it is just not easy getting your mind out of that set you've had it all these years. I'm working on it though because I do have some ideas in my head. It is just the same problem as always - getting them out of my head and down on paper.

My fiction isn't the only thing that is changing. I see changes in other places as well. I'm drifting from some again, and this time I really so no hope of returning things to what they once were. I've been thinking a lot about past friendships, the ones I have lost and the ones that I still have. I'm not the best of friend material. I like being to myself too much. I like my writing, and if I could write all the time and not interact with another person I would probably be content. Some might say that is kind of crazy, but it is how things seem to work best for me. I've sort of had that the last couple of months with a role play story line I started. It's all about the writing and creating the story being played out with minimal interaction otherwise. Its kind of nice to just lose yourself in the story and the character. Plus, its fun too.

The last few nights I've actually taken it pretty easy. Not having to sit and recap and review the shows I watch actually has been refreshing. I've watched all my favorites. I loved Grey's Anatomy and Ghost Whisperer this week. ER probably had the best season opener they have had in a few years. Am I the only one wanting Abby and Luka to fail and Carter to return? Maybe that is just because I spent a little bit of time watching Carter/Abby fan videos on youtube this past week. Youtube is one of my latest addictions, and people seem to post so many fan videos on the site. I've watched some for some of my favorite shows, and some are really well done. I wouldn't have the patience to sit there and put one of those together.

Last night, I watched the premiere of Brothers and Sisters. It has been hyped all summer, and I could see why. I found myself crying at the end of the episode because it was just a powerful start to a show. I'm trying to wonder though if this show might end up being too much for viewers. Its vocal and out there. I know I liked this one episode more than Vanished all season. Tonight is the premiere of Heroes, and I'll be checking that out as well. I also got Six Degrees after Grey's Anatomy thanks to my trusty DVR, and I definitely see potential with that series as well. This week we have the return of even more shows and the premieres of others. I'm interested in checking out Ugly Betty, and I'm hyped for the return of Supernatural.

More soon, kids!

388. Note About My Reviews

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I know I haven't had reviews of Bones or Dancing With The Stars this week. Tuesday night, I came down with a migraine to end all migraines, and it is just finally clearing up this morning. Also, the last couple of weeks it has been really hard to focus to write the reviews I have. When I watch a show to review, I'm taking some of the fun of just enjoying the show as its on because I'm trying to catch every little detail I need to for the recap. It is making me want to watch television less, and that is what I don't want to happen. I thought I would have a bit of a break this summer, but the shows I decided to cover started right up immediately. So I've decided to take a smallish break from reviewing for right now and just watch television again. I won't stop talking about the shows I do watch, but my recaps won't be detailed for the time being. Thanks for your patience while I evaluate things.

387. TV Review: Vanished Episode 5

Monday, September 18, 2006

From TV.com: New evidence linking Sara's disappearance with another high profile case.
At the end of last week's episode, we saw a coffin brought up from the bottom of a reservoir. This week, we see just what was in that very coffin. It being empty except for an earring. That earring coming from the body of Amanda McNeal, which is the woman they had found earlier this season. She had been locked in the coffin alive, and then put where the reservoir would be. When the water rushed in, she drowned in the coffin she was trying to get out of. Kelton puts two and two together, and he now sees the connection that someone is trying to get him to make. However, he has more to deal with. It turns out that Ben was transferred to Federal lock-up without his authorization. He goes to check the paper work, and someone forged his name. This sends him to check on Ben, and he arrives to see Ben being attacked by another inmate. Kelton shoots that man, and he saves Ben's life in the process.

We next see the senator in his hospital bed with his children. They don't know that he is faking it to put off the hearings. He wants to tell them, but he knows he can't. The hearings have been pushed back to that following Monday. His associate comes in and he tells them that Ben has been injured. Meanwhile, Ben is questioned by Kelton, and he gives up Quinn. This leads Kelton to search for her, but first he needs a warrant. Once he gets that, they merge onto her apartment, but they find out she has escaped through a passageway underneath her apartment. The passage leads underneath the city, and the FBI under Kelton's command goes through the tunnels in search of Quinn. They do end up finding her just as she emerges.

Meanwhile, Peter Manning has his own problems. The tape he had of Nicky Johnson has been stolen, and he thinks Judy Nash has done it. He goes to her, and she tells him that she wasn't responsible. Someone has took the footage she had to. This leads to them joining forces. Judy talks him into going on air, and once he does the senator sees this. This leads him to remember of an incident on their honeymoon where someone thought she was a woman she once knew named Nicky. Back at FBI headquarters, Kelton is questioning Quinn. She is not named that though. She puts the blame on Ben, calling him an addict and a liar. However, on the woman's laptop they find a streaming video feed that is coming from where Sara is being held. Sara is indeed still alive. Even with the feed, they can't find her without the woman's help. She doesn't appear willing to make a deal though. Kelton does tell the senator Sara looks alive, but not how he knows.

As for Jeffrey, the lie he told about the heart attack is discovered by his ex. She also tells his children, and this doesn't help him much. He also wants to meet with Peter to talk about Nicky and his wife Sara. Quinn is being transferred, and she called the media to be there when it happened. She uses the media to send a message to whoever she is working with. We just don't know what that message is because the text written on her palm is in some unknown language. With a bit of searching, Kelton figures out it is Masonic.We are then taken back to the senator's home to meet Mr. Manning. The two talk, and it doesn't go well. Jeffrey wants Peter to back off, but it turns out Peter might be telling the truth, As for Kelton, he and his team are able to decode the message, and it says to pull the plug. Soon after the message is decoded, the feed goes blank.

This series is still one I'm wondering about. I'm not quite sure about it at this point. It has been picked up for at least three more episodes after the initial six, but FOX hasn't made a commitment passed that. I'm not sure if I'm hooked enough on this show to want it to stick around either at this point. Next week, we have the premiere of Heroes, and that show already has me interested based on the promos I've seen. This will be Vanished's direct competition. Will viewers continue to tune in or jump over to watch Heroes on NBC? We'll find out next week.

386. Sunday Thoughts

Sunday, September 17, 2006

It feels like forever since I wrote something in here that wasn't a show review or recap. To be honest, I haven't had much to say. At least not in here. Last month, life threw me a small curve, and I'm still recovering from it. The good news is I am writing again. I'm writing a lot actually between my role-play writing and my fiction I'm writing more than I ever have in recent months. I started a new story last Sunday, and I've already written 3000 words already. It is a fan fiction idea that came to me when watching an episode of a television show that I used to love years ago, but the show was canceled by FOX.

It seems FOX has this nasty habit of canceling shows I just happen to fall in love with. The first being Dark Angel, then Fastlane had the plug pulled on it and then lastly they cancelled North Shore on me too. That's why now when it comes to FOX I try to not get too attached to the new shows they bring on air. I was so worried about Bones last season, and I'm not sure how Vanished will fair yet this year. That's the only new show that really caught my eye on FOX this season, but I already feel myself losing interest in the series. It just seems to move so slowly, but at the same time they are throwing so much at you.

This week a lot more series make their return. I'm really looking forward to Grey's Anatomy and Ghost Whisperer making their premieres this week.  The promo commercials for Grey's have me in suspense. I have this feeling they won't let us know just who Meredith picks the first week. That just seems like something the writers would do to drag it out. I think with the shows returning I'll find some much needed structure to my life. Some structure that I lost last month.

I had a fairly set schedule of when I would do things, and I lost that. I like having things organized. I like to know when I have to do something because it becomes routine. I don't mean to the exact minute I do this at this time every single day, but at least give me a general idea so I know just what the hell I am doing. Without that, I am looking for things to occupy my time with. With me writing again though, at least I have something to fill my days with. I'm still getting back into the fiction at the moment, but those muses are being a bit more cooperative. I'm playing around with an original idea too, but I haven't fleshed out the idea totally in my mind yet though.

I'm taking things one day at a time. I am trying to have fun with my writing again. Writing should never become a chore. It should be something to do because you enjoy doing. No matter if it’s a character your role-playing or a story you're working on. You need to enjoy the story that is being created or you just won't feel it. That will show in your writing, and I think that was my major problem lately.

Now, I think I'm off to watch my football team play. I'll try to be better about writing in this thing. I just needed a bit of a break

385. Dancing With The Stars Week 1 Elimination

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Last night we saw eleven couples dance on stage for three judges and America's vote. Tonight we find out which couple will be the first to go home this week on tonight's hour long results show. Tonight we also have a special performance by Tom Jones. We take a look back at last night's performances and then we talk to the contestants. We also see some of what the audience thinks about last night's performances.

The judges tell us who they think should go home. Each has a different choice. Len chooses Shanna and her partner, Bruno chooses Tucker, and Carrie Ann thinks Sara Evans should go home. This is followed by another performance by Tom Jones. In the bottom three we see Tucker Carlson, Shanna Moakler and Willa Ford.

That last one is the most shocking because Willa and her partner came in third with the judges last night. We see Shanna is safe, which leaves Willa and Tucker. We don't have to wait before we see Tucker is the one going home. I think that was the most logical choice. Willa shouldn't have even been there, and Shanna has potential. We'll have to see what happens next week.

384. TV Review: Bones Episode 2.3

From TV.com: An overturned garbage truck reveals the body of a young man who's been missing for nearly three weeks. When the investigation reveals that a young girl raised by foster parents is the chief suspect, Brennan becomes disheartened by how quickly the rest of the team lay blame at the foster care system, something she's been through herself. Tensions continue to rise between Cam and Brennan.

Tonight's episode titled The Boy In The Shroud opens up with Booth, Cam and the team finding a body in an accident where an overturned garbage truck hits a car. Bones immediately goes to work, and she says the body is that of a teenage male with several injuries that appear to come from a fall. Back at the lab, the team works on finding out more about the victim. Cam and Booth thinks the boy is a street hustler. Angela is able to figure out how the boy looked by using tissue samples from the shroud that covered the body.

Using the image that Angela creates, they are able to find out who the boy is. Booth and Bones have to inform the parents, and it appears the girlfriend of the boy is also missing. The family blames the girl for it. She was seen to be a bad influence because she was in the foster care system. This hits Bones a bit hard because she was a foster care kid herself. However, both Cam and Booth are all ready to pin the murder on the young girl. This causes Bones to lose her temper and cool, which is something we rarely see her do.

Hodgins finds out that the boy was holding a rose and that he died near a Russian restaurant. As it turns out there is only one Russian restaurant in the area, so Bones and Booth go there to find out more about Dylan and to see if they can find Kelly. Talking to some of the local teens isn't successful, but the two find some good samaritans in the area. The two recognize Kelly and Dylan, and they take them to what appears to be site of Dylan's death. There is even a small shrine. The two find a boy and he runs. Bones chases him down, and the two interview him. He tells them to check into the good samaritans. As it turns out, the man has been arrested three times for solicitation of a minor, all girls.

Things are still tense with the addition of Cam, and that is the only area where there is tension. Hodgins makes an off hand comment about love, and it causes a tense and awkward moment between him and Angela. Booth brings in the man that hands out sandwiches. He says he is now clean, but Booth brings out pictures of girls the man has solicited in the past six months. The man still denies it. Following we see the tension between Cam and Temperance go up a notch as the two disagree over what is the next course of action to take. Cam disagrees with Bones, and Bones says she can't work like this. Cam takes this as her resignation, but Angela informs her if Brennan quits everyone would quit, including Booth. However, Cam is thinking of firing her. Booth then tells Cam he is with Bones no matter what happens, and he also tells her Bones was once a foster kid herself.

Hodgins finds out what the rose was, and this leads them to the US Botanical Gardens. Once there, they find Kelly and she tells them that she killed Dylan. Looks like Cam was right. Kelly is brought in for questioning, and she admits she kills him, but her story doesn't fit. She even confesses to killing the sandwich man, who has also turned up dead. However, his wife confesses to killing him. This leaves Kelly responsible for Dylan's death, but Bones still thinks she is innocent. Angela leads the team in a simulation of the events of that night. This leads Brennan to put the blame on Kelly's younger brother. Bones connects with the young girl. By the end of the episode, we see both Hodgins and Bones reach out. Hodgins to Angela and Bones with Cam. This episode might mark a turning point for both pairs, and it was one of the best episodes of this season so far. I'm looking forward to what happens next, especially with Hodgins and Angela.

383. TV Review: Dancing With The Stars Season 3 Premiere

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dancing With The Stars returns to ABC tonight with its all new third season. More celebrities, two additional weeks, and more dancing fun this time around. This time around we have eleven celebrities pairing up with eleven dancing professionals. Tonight the men will be dancing the cha cha with their partners, and the women will be dancing the fox trot. Tonight's show opens up with Joey Lawrence, of Blossom fame, dancing with his partner Edyta Sliwinska. Starting off is never easy, but these two do wonderfully. The judges each give the pair a seven, and they do suggest to Joey to work on his hips. Next up we have country singer Sara Evans and her partner Tony Dovolani. These two are beautiful performing together, but what did the judges think? Len Goodman says they have a few problems. Tony also says the two have potential, but he focuses on Sara. Carrie Ann also has some suggestions for Sara.

Third up tonight is Tucker Carlson, a political journalist, and his partner is Elena Grinenko. These two also perform a cha cha. It is obvious from the start that Tucker has little experience on the dance floor. His partner will be happy if she can get him through the first couple of weeks. What confidence she has in her partner, and that is even more obvious when he spends the first third of the routine seated. I think we have our first contestant for possible booting though depending on how the rest of the night goes. The pair is given a total score of twelve. Next we see Monique Coleman of High School Musical with her partner Louis Van Amstel. We saw him last season dance with Lisa Rinna, where he made it to the top four. These two are great on stage, but the judges think the chemistry is lacking between the two. Carrie also tells Monique that she overdid the facial expressions. The judges give them a total of nineteen.

Emmitt Smith dances his way from the football field to the dance floor with last season's champion, Cheryl Burke. Emmitt is no Drew Lachey, but he goes on stage and he does okay. The two look like they have fun together performing as well, and they receive the first standing ovation of the night and the show. The judges love the performance as well. They each give the pair an eight for a total of twenty-four. The highest score of the night so far. We next see singer Willa Ford with her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy. These two appear to have great chemistry during rehearsals, and this translate to great chemistry on the dance floor. The three judges have nothing but positive things to say about the couple, and they give the two a combined score of twenty-two. This puts them in second place at this point of the night.

Next up we have Mario Lopez and his partner Karina Smirnoff. We see Mario in rehearsals, and he has a very hyper attitude. You have to wonder how he will do on stage. However, we can see there was no reason to worry at all. He takes the stage, and the two are hot together. Mario can definitely move his hips. The judges comment on both the couple's sex appeal and chemistry together. This might be this season's Drew and Cheryl. These two head passed Emmitt and his partner with a new high score for the night of twenty-six.

Next up is former Miss USA and actress, Shanna Moakler and her partner, Jesse DeSoto. Shanna is going through a lot at the moment with her divorce from Travis Barker making news in recent weeks. Shanna and Jesse are just beautiful together as they perform. However, the judges don't have much positive to say about the two, and the two get a total score of eighteen from the three. Harry Hamlin, an actor, is up next with his partner Ashley DelGrosso. Harry's wife, Lisa Rinna, was on the series last season. Ashley was on the series last year with her partner Master P. On stage, Harry looks to be trying too hard to dance. He definitely appeared to be nervous. These two have much said by the judges, and not much is good. They receive a combined score of seventeen.

The last two up tonight to dance are actress Vivica A. Fox and talk show host Jerry Springer. First up we see Vivica with Nick Kosovich, and these two heat up things just a bit. Bruno tells Vivica she made it dirty. However, Carrie Ann comments on their technique. Carrie Ann gives the pair their lowest score, but the men score the pair higher. It comes to a combined score of twenty-two. Last up for the night is Jerry Springer, and he dances with partner Kym Johnson, who is the champion of the Australian version of Dancing With The Stars. Jerry might not be a great dancer, but he definitely had some fun on stage. The judges give this couple a combined score of sixteen.

I think based on tonight's performances we might see Tucker Carlson go home tomorrow night. Shanna Moakler and Harry Hamlin are also in danger, but most everyone did good enough to stick around at least one more week. We'll have to wait until tomorrow night to find out just who will be sticking around for next week's show.

382. TV Review: Vanished Episode 4

Monday, September 11, 2006

From TV.com: The FBI brings in an obvious suspect for questioning. Marcy's secret is discovered, and Judy Nash heads to Gloucester to find out who Sara really is.

Tonight's episode begins by going back to the past. We see Mark Velero, the man that disappeared with Sara, meeting with Ben Wilson. We soon learn that he is now in FBI custody meeting with Agent Kelton. He is telling the agent about the night of Sara's disappearance. His attorney shows up, court appointed, and Ben tells him that he was only dropping the money off for a friend. The lawyer asks for the number of this friend and when Ben asks to talk to Marcy, the lawyer then tells him that Marcy turned him in. We then cut to Judy Nash visiting with Kelton. He wants her footage of the events in the elevator, but she will only share that footage if he shares what he has. On her way out, we see Senator Collins. He is coming in for his daughter, and she asks her father to help get Ben free. She is also reveals a startling bit of information. She is pregnant with Ben's child.

Kelton and his partner get the footage from the elevator, and the team goes over it. They notice that the senator was on the emergency line of the elevator and watching something on the video. They just have no idea what exactly he is watching. Jeffrey's ex-wife Jessica comes to see her husband because she is concerned for their children. However, the man is wondering why she has decided to make her reappearance now. Kelton also arrives in order to confront the senator on the footage he received. After Kelton leaves, the senator goes to talk to his daughter about her pregnancy. He also tells her he has arranged a visit for her and Ben. Before leaving he asks his daughter why she wasn't close to Sara as she once was. Marcy then remembers a time with Sara where she was getting ready for a party to meet with some mystery man. Although, it is a bit unclear why this interaction would cause the two to drift.

Afterwards we see Kelton picking up his daughter from church school, and while there his daughter briefly disappears. She is found safe, but another Nathan card is left behind. As it turns out, a friendly looking man gave her the card, and she put it next to the candle she was lighting for her grandmother. Kelton tries to find out about the man from his daughter, but he is unsuccessful, and his ex-wife arrives to take her home. Soon after Marcy shows up to meet with Ben, but it doesn't go well. He tells her to leave. We then have another flashback, and we find out the man she was wanting to meet at that long ago party was an older man and she turns to Ben to comfort when Sara discovers the two together. Agent Lin Mei finds the location of the address on the Nathan card left with Kelton's daughter, but the location is now underwater as part of a reservoir. The two go on seen, and they start to investigate. Meanwhile, Judy Nash has gone after Nicky Johnson in Gloucester.

Kelton is attacked while at the reservoir, but his partner saves him. The next morning, the FBI is going over the site, and it appears a body is found in the water. The shape leads them to believe it might be Sara. A camera is sent down, but it appears to be a statue. The senator is also dealing with mounting pressure for his vote on an upcoming confirmation. He believes the man looking for his vote to go a certain way is actually behind Sara's disappearance. The man denies it, and the senator then learns what is happening at the reservoir, and he rushes to the scene just before the statue is discovered. Things continue to develop as a man gets himself arrested and is put in with Ben Wilson. Kelton also puts two and two together and once again confronts the senator on his being blackmailed for his vote. The two devise a plan to buy Kelton some more time with the senator having to be hospitalized for a minor heart attack. Meanwhile, back at the reservoir a newer coffin is found, but we are left to wonder what is contained inside.

Each and every week, this series seems to keep bringing up more questions than answers. However, one had to wonder if we have way too many questions coming in for the viewer to keep up. The pace of the show is slow, but a lot is thrown at us, which makes it a bit hard to keep up. The slow pace also makes it hard to keep the focus needed to catch every little detail. FOX has ordered three additional episodes of the series to be shot, so at least they are happy with the show so far. Let's see if that continues as things progress. FOX is really the only game in town at the moment with all new fall programming, so this might be why so many are tuning in, but starting this week and continuing on to next week we have many more new fall arrivals making their return.

381. Never Forget

10:03 on a Tuesday morning in the fall of an American dream, a man is doing what he knows is right on flight 93. Loved his mom and he loved his dad, loved his home and he loved his man, but on that bloody Tuesday morning he died an American. Now you cannot change this. You can't erase this. You can't pretend this is not the truth. Even though he could not marry or teach your children in our schools because who he wants to love is breaking your God's rules. He stood up on a Tuesday Morning. In the terror he was brave, and he made his choice and without a doubt a hundred lives he must have saved. And the things you might take for granted. Your inalienable rights. Some might choose to deny him even though he gave his life. Can you live with yourself in the land of the free and make him less of a hero than the other three? Well it might begin to change you in a field in Pennsylvania. Stand up America. Hear the bell now as it tolls. Wake up America. It's Tuesday Morning. Let's roll.
Tuesday Morning - Melissa Etheridge Melissa Etheridge - Lucky - Tuesday Morning

The song above was a tribute to one man from Flight 93, Todd Beamer. I wasn't in New York personally for the attacks. I don't know anyone that died. On that day, five years ago I was awaiting word from my best friend because she had just moved to D.C. the week before, and I somehow knew she lived closed to the area where those events happened in that city. It took eight hours of waiting before I finally heard of her. Today, she is happily married, and though we don't talk as much as we used to, she is still one of my best friends on this planet. To all those that loved and lost on that tragic day five years ago today, my heart is with you. I know I will never forget.

380. TV Review: Bones Episode 2.2

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

From TV.com: Booth and Brennan examine the remains of a woman and fetus found in the Delaware Bay. The body is that of a pregnant newlywed whose mysterious disappearance one year ago had been major national news story. Her husband is the prime suspect in the case, but he disappears before Brennan and Both question him, prompting Booth to call for a manhunt. Booth is upset that his ex-girlfriend is letting their son spend time with her new boyfriend.

Tensions are still running high between Camilla and Temperance at the Jeffersonian still. We saw these two go head to head a bit last week, and this week that continues as the body of a woman is found in the Delaware Bay. Booth brings Bones in because it might be the body of a woman that disappeared the year before. Her husband was the most likely suspect, but he had to be let go when no body was found. Bones wants to rush to the scene, even though she has no idea who the missing woman is. However, Camilla leaves for the scene first, and even arrives there first. Booth and Bones discuss the irritation Bones has with her new boss on the way to the scene.

At the scene, the body is brought up, and Bones goes to work along with Camilla and Zack. They also find the remains of a fetus that appear viable. Bones and Camilla have a moment choosing the best way to approach the investigation, but things settle. Back at the lab, the team goes back to work on identifying the bodies of both the woman and the fetus, but it is clear to see this is the body of the missing woman. Camilla is set on pinning the murder of the woman and baby on her husband. In fact, in her mind the case is already a done deal. The body just settles things. This goes against Temperance's sense of research and ethics. Bones wants to continue working on things in her own way, but Camilla wants their work done so she can go on with her weekend of poker and drinks.

While working on the organs still left in the body, Camilla finds a locket inside the dead woman's lung with the words 'I love you Kenny' engraved on one side. The team starts to work on who this Kenny is, and after interviewing the woman's friends, they discover it was the woman's dog, now dead, and possibly even killed by her husband. He isn't the most stable of tempered men. He is also on the run as Booth has found out. On his way out of the city, he even hit his current girlfriend. She does defend him though. As for the investigation, Hodgins makes a startling find in the body of a fish found with the victim. It appears the woman was placed in fresh water before being put in the bay.

The team goes to find the fresh water source, but they are unsuccessful after going through one lake. In fact, the bones they find belong to a raccoon. The only other fresh water source they can find is too far away, and it makes her husband less likely to be a suspect. This doesn't make Camilla happy because the pressure is on her to bring the husband in. She knows that is less than likely to happen now, so she wants the team to find out who did it.

Bones and the team sets up an experiment to figure out who might have caused the injuries to the dead woman. Each of them, including Booth, proceed to stab a make-up of the woman, and it appears that the experiment gives them a new possible suspect, the man's girlfriend. This woman might have also killed the husband because he is still missing as well. The woman, Karen, is adamant that she didn't do it. However, Bones and Booth aren't convinced.

Meanwhile, Hodgins finds the freshwater source and the place the woman was killed. It appears she was killed in New Jersey, and her body was washed down the Delaware River and finally ended up washing up on shore at the Delaware Bay. They do find the source, and even more shocking they soon discover that the body of the fetus they found wasn't truly the body of a fetus but of a baby that was alive two weeks before it was killed and placed with the victim. Her child appears to have been ripped from her and taken. Could it possibly still be alive?

The team continues to work on the body of the baby, hoping to use it to identify the killer because that person is probably raising Carly's baby. While they are working, a call comes in and Kyle Richardson has been found. He thinks he is still a suspect, but Bones and Booth quickly tell him he no longer is. They also tell him his child might be alive. After Angela runs the skull through her analysis, they find that the baby that died could actually belong to a friend of Carly's. They go to find her, and they find the baby that would have belonged to the victim. The little boy is reunited with its reluctant father.

A secondary story line in this week's episode deals with Booth and his ex and their son. The woman is dating someone new, and this rubs Booth the wrong way. Things are tense, and they only get worse as the episode progresses. Booth even has the man investigated. However, by the end of the episode Booth meets the man and things seem to work out. This episode was actually an improvement over last week's. In that episode, we were dealing with the new addition to the cast, and the interaction felt a bit off. This week, we see the team settling into their new roles and it just felt more natural to me. Check back next week for another all new episode!

379. TV Review: Vanished Episode 3

Monday, September 04, 2006

From TV.com: While wearing a wire and being watched by FBI, the Senator attempts to make a ransom drop in Atlanta.

Tonight's third episode of the new FOX series, Vanished, adds more twists and turns to an already complicated tale. Too complicated? Maybe. Things keep getting added to the mix, and you don't keep up with the things being thrown at you there is a good chance you will get lost. However, I'm still trying to get into the mindset of this series. It isn't the most fast paced show, but there is just so much going on. The pace puts you into a false sense of knowing everything that is happening, but there are so many characters involved in the disappearance of the one woman, it is definitely difficult to keep them all straight.

Tonight, we see the corpse of one woman deteriorate to the point where it can be used to help. We also see the blood on the sweatshirt identified as belonging to the man last seen with Sara Collins. Last we see the senator receive a ransom request on a phone locked in a drawer in his office. They want five million dollars without the FBI being involved. The only way he can get that type of money is from another man he knows. His accounts are being monitored, and the last thing he wants to do is set off any alarms.

The senator's ex-wife is also brought in for questioning, and she is asked about the hairs found in her hotel room from Sara's head. She is also questioned about the man that was last seen with Sara and the other bodies that have piled up since. The ex-wife is less than forthcoming though. However, in a flashback we see another development. Sara had an eleven year old daughter, and the ex-wife was trying to blackmail her because she hadn't told her husband. As for Marcy, the step-daughter, she is still on the run with her boyfriend, Ben, who is now also a suspect in the disappearance. Not only that but the man that knew Sara as Nicky Johnson, Peter, has also brought a tape of Nicky to Judy Nash because it appears she is most known on the case as far as the press goes.

As for the ransom drop goes, the FBI is clued in when the other man does end up taking the cash out to give to the senator for the drop! This forces the senator to tell the FBI about his contact with the kidnappers. As for Judy, she talks to Peter about the tape, but he doesn't like her spin on things so he takes his tape and leaves. As for Marcy's boyfriend, Ben, things get more heated as he is now wanted for murder. Marcy sees this in a news report, and she gets out of the place they are now staying with a friend of his, and she calls the police. By the end of the episode, he is brought into custody.

However, there is more that happens in this episode in regards to the drop off. The senator does make the drop, but it appears to be destined to not go well. He ends up dropping off the money, but there is an explosion that happens. However, the senator is already out of the area and on his way into a building. Once inside, he is taken up an elevator where he is given some information. He demands some information of his own when he asks for proof that his wife is indeed still alive. This proof does come, but not until later. The whole experience of the failed drop turns him off on FBI assistance, which is understandable because he just was in an elevator free falling several stories.

By the end of the episode, the kidnappers do contact him once again, and the contact just confuses things even more in my opinion. This series seems to be getting more and more complicated and confusing as things progress, and I'm not really sure how things will end up progressing over time. We'll have to wait and see. Check back next week as we have yet another new episode of the series where I'm sure things will only end up getting even more confusing.

378. Happy Labor Day

I know in some time zones the day is almost over, but for me it is is still a bit early. I'm waiting for Vanished to air here in about an hour, so that I can have write up tonight's episode. It feels weird that it is already September. It feels like it was just April to me, and now here we are with it being Labor Day. Time certainly does seem to fly when you least expect it. Football season starts Thursday, but my brother and I just seemed to get things straightened out with our fantasy team today.

Things haven't necessarily been busy, but I was sick with a stomach bug since last week at some point. I'm on the mend now, but I really couldn't keep anything down for most of the week. It wasn't really fun week last week in general, but I dealt with it. Do you ever notice how slow time passes when you want it to move fast? It seems to be doing that lately, and I wish I had more to do. Things might change on that front soon though. I'm just learning how to have patience when I don't have much.

There is another storm coming in, and I have a headache so I'm going to lay down for a few before Vanished comes on. Check for my review of that in a couple of hours.

377. Any Windfall fans out there?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Okay, this is for people that watched the series. I watched tonight's episode, and I feel just a bit on the gypped side. In the last five minutes of tonight's episode, so much happened. However, when Sean dropped the money down it felt like an ending point. We're left wondering though. One character is kidnapped. Nina is left watching Cameron and Beth. When there was no mention of another episode next week, I went to TV.com, and they say it is the series finale. Not the season finale. So this means we're left to wonder what happened with some of the story lines. I was so into this series, and I think NBC is really leaving us hanging here. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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