Back From The Dead - Maybe - Maybe Not.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

It has been a long time since I've written in here. A long time since I've even logged in here. When I made this blog five years ago, I didn't think it would last a week. Here it sits five years later with way too many memories attached to it. I hate that it just sets here, but time is short, and I don't remember this blog first anymore. I even forget my twitter account half the time!

I'm on Twitter. I now have a Tumblr as well. I am still writing with Gather as one of their social writers. I started with that site in October, and I am quite happy covering entertainment and celebrity gossip topics for them. I'm finally doing what I set out to do almost ten years ago. I'm finally making a livable monthly income from my writing. It is hard work, but I see the numbers and that hard work paying off now. If things continue on this way, I could afford my own place and live on my own. That isn't in my plans though because I'm here to take care of dad. I can just help out more now with the stable income I have coming in. Knocks on wood that it stays that way.

As for, I am no longer writing my blogs for them. I stopped writing them in January when the company went to rev share only payment plan. That is unpredictable, and I'd rather know for sure I am making money each month than counting on advertising and clicks. I enjoyed my time at Today, and I enjoyed the blogs I wrote for that site. My focus is now on Gather though.

My days are busy and full, and I miss my fiction writing efforts. It comes down to having enough time to do it all at the end of the day, but I tell myself to give fiction another go. Did send out a short story in August, but it wasn't accepted. I know my fiction needs work.

Personally, things are better. A few rough spots here and there, but that is life. My days are spent working, taking care of dad, spoiling my cat, and living life. I'm going to try to make more of an effort to update here. We'll see if I can manage it. I did add my Tumblr feed to my sidebar here. I do update that often, and my Gather posts filter through it as well if you want to keep up on the latest in entertainment!


Jackie Jordan said...

My friend, all of our fiction needs work. But, in this work-a-day world, I choose to write for sheer entertainment. I enjoy your efforts in creativity. Being new to the blog world, I'm still struggling to find a happy medium, so to speak, where I can share. I will now try to submit to your blog, and if I am successful, I hope that you can spare ten minutes to read an old piece on my blog. It's quite interesting. is my new home base. Take care, Jackie

Jackie Jordan said...

Sorry, I forgot to click your email follow-up box. I'm a dinosaur, I just learned how to text a couple of years ago, my daughters signed me up for Facebook a few months back. They drug me kickin' and screamin' into the digital world. See ya', JJ

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Good for you #Smiles

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