276. A renewed outlook ...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

You never realize how one small thing can change your mood. I've always been one to believe in dreams. My mother had this uncanny ability to tell what things might happen by her dreams, and she has passed this ability on to me, in a somewhat milder form. The week before my cat ran off I mentioned having some disturbing dreams, and they left me a bit unsettled. I knew something bad was about to happen, but I didn't know what. That is until my cat ran off that next week.

Well, last night I dreamt again. I usually only dream so vividly with a purpose in my mind, and in this dream my cat came to me and returned home. I know it’s a bit silly to allow a dream, even one of this nature, to get my hopes up. I am a bit through. The dream was just so vivid and real. Most of my dreams of this nature are.

So I'm hoping that my cat will return to me soon. If not, my brother has mentioned getting a kitten next month. However, in my heart I want my baby back more than anything. He's just been going to our local pound three times a week, and he says there are so many baby kittens that need good homes. I see no better way to help treasure Bobo than open my home to a new fur baby needing of a home.

In writing news, my renewed spirits allowed my muses to peek out earlier today, and I was able to edit the second third of the WIP my mentor and I are working on. I'm hoping to get to the last third tomorrow. The words were just flowing, even if I was cutting and editing more than actually writing. I'll have to see how things go tomorrow.

Work wise, things with television are really slowing down right now because of the Olympic coverage. I think a good many of my shows are off air this coming week, so that should give me even more time to work on my WIP with my mentor. The past couple of weeks have really slowed me down, but things should pick up soon.

I hope you're all well.


Michelle said...

I really do hope your cat comes home soon!

ZELMARQ said...

Your cat wil be reunited with u, i also have cats all eight of them at home most of them are whites.
God bless!!!

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