278. Checking in

Thursday, February 23, 2006

This week has been nice and light. I actually liked the bit of a break I found myself having this week. With the Olympics on-going, many of the television programs I cover were not on, so this allowed me some freer nights. The only shows I covered this week were American Idol and Dancing With The Stars. For you American Idol fans that start watching when the vote goes to the public, check out my blog each week for my thoughts on what happened each and every week. Also over on my entertainment news blog, Thoughts from the Couch, check out there for breaking American Idol news as it happens!

On the fiction writing front, things are moving slowly along. I am now working on the ending to my current WIP while I impatiently wait to hear back from my mentor on the changes I made to the rest of the manuscript so far. I think I'm taking her suggestions and the things she's taught me and applying them to my writing now. I think she's made me a stronger writer in just the short amount of time we've been working together.

On the personal front, no word on my cat. Thanks again to all of you keeping him in your thoughts. The other night a neighbor had heard about Bobo's disappearance and brought over a kitten of hers she couldn't find a home for. She gave him to me, but it wasn’t meant to be. He just seemed to have a bit of an attitude, and I could quickly tell it wasn't a match. He hissed at me, my brother, and he got into a bit of a fight with my baby cat.

My brother has told me he has put a new kitten on hold for as well at the local animal control. If all goes well, I'll have him soon. I just wish my cat would come home. My brother says with our luck, we'd get the baby and then our cat will come waltzing home. I'd take him in a second. I know I have enough love to give three furballs if that happens.


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