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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Posting three days in a row. I'm really trying to get back into this thing. I normally take Sundays off, so I might do that tomorrow. I've been following the news lately about the pet food recall. As a pet owner, it has concerned me. I don't feed my cats wet food, but I know of a few friends with cats that have fallen ill. When it came out yesterday that it was rat poison, I was angered by it. How could someone intentionally hurt animals like that? There really are some sick people in this world. It's sad and scary all at the same time. Really it is. Thing is there is no way to know about it happening until it happens. There was no way to know that the food was poisoned.

The other day I bought a poster on E bay. I've been to a few poster sites on line cause I like posters. I put new ones up regularly. I know one time I checked out this one site, and I found a coupon for a nice chunk off. I checked out a newly relaunched coupon site just yesterday to see if they had anything for the seller on e-bay, but no such luck this time. Maybe next time. It's still a great site to check out though. I'm always looking for a good deal.

Yesterday and this morning I took another look at the submission calls over at ERWA. My muses are tingling, but nothing yet. I lost one of my creative writing outlets I've had for the last eight months when I lost my writing partner. It was a sad day for me. Life just had other plans though. Maybe I can put that creative energy into something else. Have a great day everyone.

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Franco said...


It's better for you to find someone else to be your writing partner. New things might help you in making new ideas.



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