Finding My Way Back To Sanity

Thursday, September 17, 2009

music: lifehouse "breathing"

Four and a half years ago when I first started this blog, I didn't think it would still be here. No, I don't write it in like I used to, but I want to change that. The thing I loved most about blogging is that I can say anything I want here. It is my safe place. My opinions, my thoughts, my dreams all reside here. It is me being me here. The Internet can be a crazy place. I've met a lot of people here on the Internet. I've tried to date people online, but it never seems to work. Not sure who fault that is. My own? The other side of the equation. It is hard to really tell. At the end of the day, we're all looking for someone to love us. Love us for the person we are. The good and the bad. I hide who I am a lot, but here I don't.

I'm just a woman writing a blog. I'm thirty-three years old, and I live in Arizona with my dad and my brother. We have a cat that is turning four in a few months. We didn't think he would last a month. He was a pound kitty, and he became ill the week after we brought him home. I had just him a week, but I stayed by his side until the worst of it passed. I haven't had the best of luck with cats. Bobo ran around close to four years ago now, and JJ died two years ago this month. Both broke my heart. Mikey is my little angel baby though.

I've had a lot going on the past couple of months. I've been exhausted, stressed, sick, and more. I tried and failed with someone, and now I can barely talk to her. That happens in life. I'm just tired of it happening. I'm being distracted by conversation with someone, so more soon!


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