428. Jumping the Shark

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

For the past couple of weeks, Guiding Light, the soap opera has been hyping up a superhero storyline set to hit the series this week. One of the series major characters will be struck with lightning, and the result will be her getting super powers. The soaps the last couple of months have had some out there story lines, and they have me shaking my head. This is the latest. I watched the episode today as 'The Guiding Light' took the scene, and I had to admit it was kind of funny, but I still expect so much more from this series.

Over on As The World Turns, they had a slasher killing teens that reminded me of Friday the 13th, and then out of nowhere a freak blizzard comes out of nowhere and causes havoc in the city of Oakdale. In prime time shows, these kinds of story lines would make you think the series was jumping the shark. I'm actually reminded of another story line years ago from Days of Our Lives when Marlena was possessed by the devil. This is the stuff of movies and not for television daytime. If you watch soaps or other shows, what plot lines have you thought came close to jumping the shark?

In other news, I'm waiting to see who goes home tonight on Dancing With The Stars. As much as I would hate to see an all-male competition, the men left in the competition are the best. I think we should see Monique go home tonight. I have a couple of hours to find out.


Jose said...

Hello Gina, do you know who got booted out from Dancing With the Stars yesterday, my DVR did not record the show for some reason.

Gina said...

You know what! My DVR crapped out on the show too. I thought it was just me, but maybe ABC didn't mark the episode as new so Cox didn't catch it? Monique got the boot. It's an all male show now!

Jose said...

Too bad, she was really good, I would have been fine with Emmet going out.

Now my choices are:

1.- Mario
2.- Joey
3.- Emmet

Gina said...

I think Mario will take it, but I have Emmitt coming in a close second.

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