442. Daybreak Thoughts

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Last night, I began to watch the newest ABC series, Daybreak. I didn't finish the two hour episode last night, and that might give you an idea of what I think of the new show. For some reason, it just didn't hold my complete interest. It had its moments, but they didn't make for an enjoyable experience over all. For those that missed the series, it is the story of Brett Hopper as he lives the same day over and over again. Some events are the same, but once he realizes what is happening to him, he begins to try and change those events from ever happening. The day begins with him being framed for the murder of an Assistant District Attorney. His girlfriend is also killed, and preventing this becomes a focus for Hopper. All this while he tries to live on to the next day. The premise of the series is different and it had promise for me. I'm just not sure this series will be able to keep things exciting over the long haul, which is eleven weeks. ABC has made it clear this series will only last thirteen episodes. The premiere was two episodes, so we have eleven left to go. Once this series is done, Lost makes its return. Now that is something I will be waiting for! All in all, I'll watch Daybreak again next week, but we'll have to see what happens passed that.


Jose said...

I watch the movie Groundhogs Day with Bill Murray every time I catch it, there's also a Disney Christmas version of the same movie. I like to see how many different ways you can live the same day. Anyway I saw the 2-hour premiere of Daybreak and chances are I will watch the complete season. I still like Prison Break better though.

Groundhog day was funny...for 2 hours, but I can't imagine watching this every week. It will be like the 1st season on Alias, eventually they'll have to change it up because otherwise you figure out that she's going to make it through the mission.

Fairy Girl said...

You should spent your time watching Monarch Cove on Lifetime friday at 11. It's was a way better episode

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