430. Thursday Night Viewing

Friday, November 03, 2006

Thursday night is my favorite night on television. I seem to wait all week for it to happen. Last week, the World Series through a monkey wrench into my favorite night, but the shows were all back last night. I got my weekly fixes of Grey's Anatomy and ER, and this made me happy. I was watching last night, and I had a thought come to me. The medical people on these shows all tend to wear the same boring scrubs. You see the light blue and the dark blue. I think at one point Meredith on Grey's Anatomy wore maroon. You would think on television they would spice up things a bit. Scrubs are so easy to buy. At my local mall just a few miles away, they even have a shop that only sells scrubs. I took a peek one day, and there is such a selection to choose from.

Just now, I did a quick search online, and I found this site that sells medical scrubs. Some of the tops don't even really look like medical scrubs. This top for example. Looks perfect for a day out to the movies or to lunch. I think I could see Grey's Anatomy Izzie wearing something like that actually. What about Abby on ER? I could totally see her wearing a top like this one. I've heard scrubs are so comfortable too. Maybe I'll pick myself up a top at least some time. I'm all about comfort as I lounge about the house.

Back to last night's shows though. Sweeps are underway, so that means the shows are throwing out their best at us. Salma Hayek popped up topless on last night's Ugly Betty, and last night's Supernatural was probably the best all season. Yes, I still love my television. I have no idea what I'm going to do when I lose Lost until February! I'm not liking this new season being broken up so much. Now, I'm waiting for Fox to put next week's OC online. I mentioned I saw that earlier this week. Good stuff. We'll have to see where they take things next.


Dara said...

I love Thursday tv too, but there are way too many good shows on at 9.

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