Just a sad day

Sunday, June 01, 2008

This morning when I woke up one of the first things I heard about was the fire over at Universal Studios. As a long time resident of North Hollywood, I lived just minutes from Universal. I lost count of how many times over the years I visited the theme park with my family. Today, a good part of back lot there has been destroyed. A fire broke out at the King Kong building just before dawn, and that building along with four other buildings have been destroyed. I just wrote about this over my new blog, and I'm just so saddened by this. I feel like I just lost a part of my childhood there. So many shows an movies were filmed on the two sets destroyed in today's blaze. Back to the future being one of them. The courthouse is now gone. I've seen Back to the future on cable just recently, and that set is just one of Hollywood's landmarks. The blessing in all of this is there were no injuries or deaths caused by the start of the blaze. Some firefighters have been injured fighting it however. It just a sad day. We're losing part of Hollywood history.


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