Upgrading to Firefox 3

Monday, June 30, 2008

I usually hate change. Software programs are constantly updated, and when they are any number of problems can pop up. Everything from system resource usage going through the roof to features you depend on disappearing. A week or so ago, Firefox updated itself to Firefox 3. They had a huge download day, and yes I did download it back then. Then half of my add-ons stopped working. To me this was unacceptable. So I went back down to Firefox 2. I knew in time the add-ons I use regularly would be supported by Firefox 3, and today the ones I was waiting for were updated to new versions. So I finally took the leap to Firefox 3.

There were a few problems. A few extensions still didn't work. I lost my themes. I somehow lost the bookmarks I'd made in the last week. All small problems. I hunted down versions of my add-ons that did work with Firefox 3, found some new extensions for the ones that didn't have compatible versions, and then found some new themes. Then there was a problem with my No Script add-on and Entrecard that I needed to fix, but once I did everything settled. So far, I can see some faster load times with Firefox 3 compared to the times I had with Firefox 2. I see that as a good thing. Here is to change. Anyone else have experienced this change recently? What do you think of the new Firefox?


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