289. And its Monday already?

Monday, April 03, 2006

Another week begins, and the month began over the weekend. Spring is here, but I know summer is not far behind, especially here in Arizona. Its already been hitting over eighty here for days now, and some days it is just completely miserable. Living in a building that controls the time that the air conditioning and heating turns on every year certainly makes it for a few miserable days at the beginning of the hot and cold seasons. It has made me a bit restless really.

Things seem to keep changing around me as well, and it is a bit unsettling. Words seem to flow from the fingertips and mouths of others, and that is all they feel like really. Just words without no meaning behind them. Some do, and those are the words that I latch onto. The ones that I know don't come easy to say. Others seem to throw around words of love and friendship so damned easily, and after awhile you wonder if those words are really coming from the heart or if they are just so easy to say by now that you wonder if they are based on anything real.

I know I'm tired of hearing or seeing the words that don't really mean a thing. They are just words. It kind of reminds me of that line from that Rob Thomas song, Lonely No More. "Words are only words. Can you show me something else?" Words don't mean much without the meaning behind them.

As a writer, we want our words to mean something even. We want our readers to feel something both during and after they read whatever words we put forth for them. If they don't feel anything at all, then we really haven't done our job. So words bear importance both when it comes to our writing and our personal lives. With our writing we want our writing to touch the hearts and minds of our reading, and in our personal lives, at least in mine, I want to feel the realness behind the words being spoken. If the feeling isn't there, it starts to show through eventually, but sometimes we hold onto that hope that the words do mean what we want them to. Sometime though we need to stop believing and just let the words go.

On the writing front, I'm not sure what it is about Monday's lately, but that seems to be the only day of the week where I can find myself in the mindset to pull out one of my works in progress and write. The rest of the week is so busy and I have a set schedule almost. I know Tuesday through Thursday, I'll have things to watch and review on television. Fridays, my brain has usually turned to mush, especially since Wednesday and Thursday are my craziest nights. Saturday I have my two weekly features to prepare for my media village blog, and Sunday is usually known as a day of rest, so I take it. That is until Grey's Anatomy airs that night. all this on top of my standard news items appearing each day, once again on my media village blog.

It seems Monday is the only day of the week where I don't have much demanding of my time. I need to find another day though, and I need to find the time today to take out my work in progress and write this one last scene. I want to hopefully have it submitted by the end of this month. I'm also pondering other plots for other stories at the moment, but one thing at a time.

Also an update on the protest here at the school next door I mentioned in my last entry. Turns out the students were instead giving written warnings with suspensions forthcoming if anything else occurred. This was a much better solution. My Blog of the Week also had some thoughts on student protests following my last entry. Hop on over there to take a look. You'll have to scroll down a bit to find her entry, but why not take the time to look at some of her interesting entries the past few days.


Thanks for the kind mention. I have the same problem with finding time to write on my projects, but it's self inflicted, rather than being a function of work. The internet is a black hole of timewasting. But don't let that prevent anyone from reading my blog!

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