290. Where did the week go?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

I'm not sure how time moves by so quickly, but it does. It doesn't feel like I last updated in this blog on Monday. Here it is already Saturday night, and a new week is about to begin. I'm keeping busy as always, and it seems summer is already starting, even though for most its only Spring. It was pushing ninety today. It is supposed to do that again tomorrow. Some nights this week I was unable to sleep because the heat, even in the middle of the night, is so unbearable.

Most of my writing this week has been worked related. I did write the finale scene back on Monday like I wanted, and then I had my former mentor look at it. The Divas mentor program is now over, but we plan to keep working together beyond it. She's been wonderful, and I really did learn a lot from her in the short time we were able to work together.

Now all I need to do is go through the manuscript and submit it off. I submitted this story before in an early form, and it was quickly rejected. I've done a lot to the story since then. It's doubled in size and it went from a straight erotica piece to an erotica romance story.

I guess I'm a bit nervous to throw the story back out there. I worry it'll only get rejected again, and I've spent so much time working on this story. Most of my time is devoted to my entertainment writing that what little time I've had for fiction writing has gone into this story. I know I need to resubmit it, and I know it is a much better story than what I had originally. Every writer fears rejection.

I think most of my stalling on this project now is the whole what to do next? Once this project is out the door so to speak, I need to pick something else to work on. Is that one of my other works in progress or is it something entirely new? I know of at least two contests that grab my interest. Both are relatively short pieces and one of them has a due date of June that is certainly workable. I'd need something new though because nothing I have in the works currently will fit.

So I need to figure out what's next, so I can work towards it. Sounds easy right? Sounds like a plan in any case. I have a new Blog of the Week, Ripple Me This. Click here or on my sidebar to read the thoughts of Michael.


Karen said...

And another week slips away....

Happy Easter!

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