291. Happy Easter

Sunday, April 16, 2006

As Karen said in her comment earlier, another week slips away.  This week has been one of those crazy ones, and I did the bare minimal I had to in order to keep things going. My two other blogs need updates almost daily. Although my review site is slowing down some because the television season is almost done for the year, I still have things to do. I'll pick a few of the summer shows to review, but it won't be nearly as busy as it is for me during the year.

The temperatures here in Arizona zoomed up to past 90 and nearing 100 this week. This usually doesn't bother me at all, but when you live in a building that controls when you're air conditioning and heat go on, then you have a problem. When I called back on Monday, they told me it wouldn't turn on until this coming Monday.

As soon as I heard that, I knew this week would be one to just get through. It's hard to do much of anything when you're hot. You can't think much. It is hard to sleep. It's hard to concentrate. It was pretty unbearable for the most of the week. I told myself once things cooled off, and I was able to do things without complaining about how hot I was every ten minutes, I'd start to get more things done.

I half a list of things I want to get back to regularly. I want to get back to blogging here more. Perhaps not everyday but a few times a week at least. I actually have had ideas for blog entries, or things I wanted to say in here, but my mind just hasn't been clicking all that well lately. I also want to get my current work in progress out the door to some places and submitted. I wanted to do that this week, but I wanted to give it another read through for edits before I sent it off.

I also have an idea for Phaze's latest contest. It is a departure from gay erotic romance I'm currently writing. It is back to the good old male and female meet and fall in love, having some hot sex along the way. I haven't done well in writing those type stories in awhile, and I might end up switching my head to a male/male if I can't manage it, but I'm up for at least trying to see how it goes.

I thought of the idea for it this week. I had a manuscript that I started and went nowhere that I might try pulling out and re-working it. If not, I can start from page one with my characters because they story's plot fits the Latin angle Phaze wants this time around. So in a way, I did get some done this week. I just need to focus now.

The good news is the air conditioning was switched on early. It came on Friday, which was a welcome Easter surprise. It is supposed to be hitting the 90's again this week, so it is definitely nice to have our air working. I knew this weekend would be a bust because of the holiday. I had family come in yesterday to spend the weekend with us. We actually celebrated Easter last night with dinner. So I'm not sure what we're doing today. We have a lot of leftovers!

I feel bad this blog has slipped a little, but it is just hard to find the time to get everything in when I'm doing so many things. I'm going to work at getting better because I have the time to do it, and I have the ideas to write about it in here. It is just a matter of doing it.

To everyone that comes across this blog, I want to wish all those that celebrate a Happy Easter. I hope you have a wonderful day spent with family and friends. While you're here, check out my all-new Blog of the Week, Saturday Night at the Movies. This is the blog of Lee, and he writes a great deal more than just about movies. Hop on over there to take a look at his site!


chryscat said...

Hello Miss Gina!
Does Arizona even HAVE a spring?

And I really like the fact that USA and FX and some others air first-run episodes during the summer. Breaks up the monotony.

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