294. Writing and changing

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Changes continue to pop up. With any person, there is good days and bad days. There are fast months and slow months. The month of April has been a slow month for me, but not totally unproductive. I've been writing, but not writing the things I should be writing. Typing that feels weird because any type of writing should be good writing. As long as you are expressing yourself using words it should help you grow as a writer. I read something today on Jennifer Sando's blog, and it made me think:

There’s a difference between writing for a living and writing for life. If you write for a living, you make enormous compromises, and you might not be able to uncompromise yourself. If you write for life, you’ll work hard; you’ll do what’s honest, not what pays. - Toni Morrison
I'm not really making much for my writing. Not yet. Hopefully someday, but right now I'm content at what I am writing. I right a mix of nonfiction, fiction, and some roleplay type writing, but all of it is writing. Writing is in my blood, my mind, and it is by all means the activity that makes me the most happiest. When I'm not doing one type of writing, I find myself doing another. My work related writing comes above all because it is what pays me, even if the pay isn't the most. I love writing about television, and a year ago when I started doing it, I never imagined I would love it like I do now. Yes, I have nights where I wish I could leave the television off, but those nights aren't many. I do find myself leaving the television off on the nights I can now because sometimes blessed silence is needed.

I know I need to get back on track with the fiction, but every time I do try to sit down and put words down, the words just aren't there right now. Maybe I'm reenergizing at the moment. The last couple of months, I worked really hard with my mentor on my one manuscript. We tore it apart, and then put it back together again. I also finished it, and it was about 75% done when we started. Now I need to read it through and send it off. My mind is a blank at what to tackle next fiction wise. Nothing is jumping out at me plot wise at the moment.

On an unrelated note, but actually the reason why I came to my blog today, do you ever notice that things you used to love and enjoy just don't feel the same anymore? Perhaps a certain author or musician you used to love just doesn't do anything for you anymore. i used to love a certain type of music, and now it just does nothing for me. Is that a sign of change, maturing and growth? Or is it just simply a matter of not liking something anymore? Something happened to me this week like this, and it kind of surprised me. i heard a song that was leaked from what used to be one of my favorite artists, and I didn't get the least bit excited about it. Normally I would have. Times are changing. Perhaps!

In any case, I hope you're all well. I have some things to do before my nightly shows come on. Don't forget to check out my Blog of The Week!


handsomeloser said...

Some great writers have suggested that writers don't spend too much waiting for magical inspiration. Sometimes you have to slog through it and just get in the page. Writing is rewriting. Get it on the page and then work at it and work at it.

Just passing on the advice giving to me. All the best.

JB said...

as michel foucault used to say in his interviews, "if i don't change, maybe i'm dead."

that's okay. you've probably have grown liking the cutting edge and seeing crap as they are. you're probably better now.

Thanks very much for stopping by and for your congrats, Gina. It was so very nice to have a visit from you--I’ve missed you!

Oh dear, if you only knew how many times my thoughts about writing have changed over the years. At those times I feel stressed but later I always realize that whatever change I’ve gone through is ultimately for the best. Change can be difficult but without it there really can’t be much growth.

Your day will come--I believe that!

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