20. Sunday ramblings

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Well, I didn't write one word yesterday. Not in here. Not in any of my current WIP's. I know. Bad me. I was still feeling under the weather, and I had planned to write, but nothing seemed to materialize on the screen in front of me. So I had a lazy day. We are all entitled to them, and they do happen. I spent the day playing with my kitten. I got him about a month ago, and he is an adorable bundle of energy. He is about three months old, and I named him JJ. He is the second cat in the house. Bobo is 9, and he knows he is king of the house. It took a bit of him getting used to the little guy, but it looks to be happening. Whenever I see them interact, I always have to wonder if they are playing or fighting. It's hard to tell at times.

I've been mentally going over the plot and story for my Phaze submission. I think I finally have a possible black moment. That moment when all is supposedly lost, and there is no hope for the romance. Of course it ends up working in the end, but you need that conflict to make the story interesting. Well, I think I've got one, but I'm not sure it is strong enough. I'm still thinking on it, and hopefully later on tonight after I see my Sunday night TV of Grey's Anatomy and L word I can tackle some writing.

Sunday is one of the two nights of the week I get to see the shows I watch. The other being Thursday when I watch OC and ER. The OC is so unbelievably teen angst driven and soap opera like, but I love it. It took me half of the first season for it to hook me in. ER is a long time staple of my TV viewing. I've been watching since season 1.

I really need to get to work on my WIP's. I have two going now. The one for Phaze that has a deadline quickly approaching, and my first WIP being my novella/novel I've been slowly working on since right around the New Year. I seem to write at a snail's pace when it comes to my fiction. It takes more time for me to write that than it does any of my articles, reviews, or blogs. Hopefully that will change.

Happy Sunday everyone!


Silma said...

You're one ahead of me, Gina. I don't have any moment for my Phaze submission. Luckily they pushed the deadline for the end of May.

anthony said...

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chryscat said...

I missed "Grey's Anatomy" last night. Dammit. I was all sucked up in the Cirque de Soleil marathon on Bravo. BUT...I do get to watch "Wire in the Blood" on BBC and tape "Medium" at the same time this evening. heh
I love cats. Put my psychotic one in my second book.
I understand about the "off" days. All this weekend was "off" days. But you're right. We need them every once in awhile.
Good luck on the Phaze wip and others.

Lynn said...

Everybody deserves lazy days. I indulge in them all the time.

Good luck with that Phaze submission!

Gina said...

I'm glad the extended the deadline to May too, Silma!

Thanks, Anthony. I'll check it out. I like my blog here though.

Chrys, Grey's was so good last night. And the end was a shocker. I'd say if you had DSL, try downloading it so you can catch it. I know of a few places that post episodes.

Thanks, Lynn. This whole weekend was more lazy. Although I did some work on my blog yesterday.

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