24. What is this world coming to?

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Mood: outraged
Music: Karma - Alicia Keys

Today in my blog surfing I came across the link to this news story in Paperback Writer's blog. I haven't even finished reading the whole news item, and I am already angry. As a bisexual woman, and a writer of gay fiction, I am rightfully so. No, I don't live in Alabama, so this would not effect me personally. However, if one state passes such a law, what would stop other states from doing so? Why ban books and authors just because of the lifestyle displayed in the story or by the author. It really shouldn't matter if you're straight, gay or bisexual. Everyone has their own way of living that makes them happiest. Everyone likes to read what they like to read. I happen to like writing and reading gay fiction. My favorite television shows happen to be the L word and Queer as Folk. Both shows openly discuss and display gay relationships. Are they going to try to ban these shows from airing in Alabama. I know that would be somewhat impossible to do with cable and satellite systems, but banning books and authors just because they live differently than you is nothing other than censorship pure and simple.

Honestly, what does this say about the world today? Gay characters are becoming more and more used in literature and television. Is this the result of that coming out so to speak? Because they are more prevalent does that make them a target. I know gay fiction is becoming more accepted. In past years, there wasn't much of it to be seen other than the yearly anthologies and a few authors that have paved the way for future writers such as myself. The bill would target any gay author or book containing gay characters. Such classics as The Color Purple and books by authors such as Tennessee Williams would be included in the bill. These stories are the foundations of literature, and they would be removed from bookshelves and banned. I remember reading these books in junior high and high school, and if such a bill had passed back in those days I'd have never read any of them. This angers me so much because as I said it is censorship no matter how you look at it.

The bill is unlikely to make it through, but what if it did? Would other states follow? What would happen to our schools? What would happen to our libraries and bookstores? These books would disappear off the shelves, and reading them would be considered a crime. I thought we were past this. I remember seeing book burnings on television and I never thought I would see a possibility of it happening again. This time because of a lifestyle choice. My own books would be considered part of the ban because as I've said I am a bisexual woman. Would I have to hide that just to get published in a world where this bill existed? It's just frightening to me.


chryscat said...

Well thank God this damn bill didn't pass. I am utterly appalled at this shit.
Not only does this frighten me, it pisses me off.
What is WRONG with these people?
Tolerance. Good Lord. It's not that hard. Live and let live.
I love the L word. Only got to watch it a couple of times. Unfortunately, I don't get that station.
I like to read about relationships. Period. Why do people just LOOK for something to bash.

chryscat said...

And on a calmer note..."Karma" rocks. I can't seem to get enough of it.
And thanks for stopping by the blog. I'm taking your suggestion under consideration. It helps to have another perspective.

Gina said...

The L Word is a great show. Luckily, I get Showtime. I have some UK friends that don't get the show either, and might not even get season 2 at all possibly. They are on DSL connections luckily and can download episodes using Bit Torrent programs.

I'm really happy the bill didn't pass either. It angered me that it was even brought into consideration in the first place.

Karma is a wonderful song. One of my favorites. My musical tastes and collection vary from everything and anything it seems.

As for the suggestion, I'm glad I was able to help. That thought immediately came to mind when I saw your problem.

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