401. Banking Troubles

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

For the past eleven years, I've been with the same bank. Never had many problems with them. Well in the past year they have merged and become an entirely new banking operation. Haven't had any problems until this month. With my old bank, my checking account was of the type where all fees were waived as long as I kept a certain balance between all my accounts with the bank. This included any fees from overdraft protection.

Last month, there was an overdraft. Thought nothing of it because any fees would be covered and waived. This is no longer the case. I just spent about fifteen minutes on the phone with someone at the bank and they told me that with the account I had with my old bank fees were never waived. I must be mistaken.

As I said I've been with the bank for almost eleven years, and I know what the account I had consisted of. The teller was adamant that I was mistaken, but did put in a request to waive the fee this time only. At least now I know. It makes you wish you knew before when they are going to totally change things on you. I did say that I would consider banking elsewhere, but that would be such a hassle.


Jose said...

OMG, I went through the same thing except I did drop my bank. Once the new bank took over everything went south and they didn't seem to care wheather I stayed or go. I know my account is puny but banks live out of puny accounts so I asked them for my few pesos and didn't even tell them good bye. I have been with B of A ever since I to this day I still like them, no matter which branch I go to they treat me nice and with respect.

Gina said...

Hah since you live in Arizona, I can almost guess what bank it was. Probably the same one. I'll check into B of A!

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