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Sunday, October 29, 2006

I found myself sucked into reading fiction in another fandom. You read one story, and it is written so well and there it happens. You're sucked in. I'm a huge fan of Supernatural. I have been since the show premiered. So last night, I read my first story in the fandom, and it was so good I had to read another. That one was so good, I read another and another and so on and so forth. What I've found so far in the fandom is that the stories are very well written. I stay away from the Wincest because I'm sorry reading about two brothers getting it on is just not me. I've found some good straight fics though. One with Sam and Jess set in the era before the show started, and another with Sam and Jo set in this season. Reading great fiction makes me want to write something in that fandom.

I'm trying to get my brain into writing more, and in the past I've always written more when I read more fiction. Not only books, but everything. I love television shows and movies, so if I can find well written fiction based on those things I love to watch, it is even better. I've been in such a gay fiction frame of mind the last few years though, it is hard to switch into writing straight het fic. Another problem with writing straight fiction for me comes with writing sex. I could write gay sex without one problem. Once I started writing it that is. It just got really easy for me to write. I'm not a gay men in the least, but the words just seemed to flow.

When it comes to straight sex, normal every day man and woman getting freaky, I always have a problem. I didn't used to. I just think the years of writing gay sex took over my brain. I get all flustered when I have to write straight sex, even though I've been told I write it well. It just takes more for me to write it then it does gay sex. I'm trying to get over that because I have no problems whatsoever reading it. I'll read anything! So I'm thinking this means I need to read a lot more straight fiction and a lot more sex. That sounds funny, but it might be the only way to break through this mental block I seem to have. The things us writers do for our craft.


You may be on to something there with reading more on the straight sex and just more on sex.

I find what I read, and what I take a big interest in reading seem to affect how I write.

I used to read a lot of science fiction, and got a bit hooked on the Stainless Steel Rat. It wasn't anything fantastic, but the corniness and the flippant humor in parts of it kept me reading.....and it showed up in some of what I wrote.

As of late, I have been reading more of a the darker sides ofthings, Vampires and such, and it also affects my writing, turning it darker.

So you very well may be on to something when you talk about reading more on the subject you are trying to write on.

Jose said...

What's a fandom?

Gina said...

Jose! I just saw this. A fandom is generally people that watch a certain movie or television show and then either write or make graphics based on it. Fans enjoy certain pairings and they end up shipping them as well.

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