403. New Blog of The Week

Thursday, October 19, 2006

This week we have Jose from over at Joe's Cool Blog moving onto my sidebar. He's a fellow Arizona person, and I've been following his blog through Blogexplosion for awhile now. We've begun commenting each other the last few days, so I figured now was the perfect time to let him visit! We were both heartbroken over our football team's loss this week too. Thank you to everyone that bid this week. There were sixteen of you. Please try again in the future.

On a sidenote, I fixed up the sidebar a little. I noticed that I forgot to add the javascript that makes my pull down menus work. That is now fixed, and I also added the television related sites I had added over at my former review blog One Couch Critic.


Jose said...

Like Donkey in the movie Shrek, I was shouting at you "Pick me, pick me". Thanks for allowing me to be your blog of the week, and about those Cardinals let's you and I ask them "How can you mend these broken hearts?"

Gina said...

You're welcome! And the answer to that question is by winning and winning and winning. They have a great quarterback they really let down this week.

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