281. Sick kitty and the Oscars

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Well, I got some bad news on the kitten I was planning to adopt today. We were supposed to bring home our new addition yesterday, but he wasn't feeling all too well. They asked us to leave him there until today. Well, when we called this morning, we were put through to the pound vet and told the kitten has an irregular heartbeat, and they weren't sure he was the best fit for us because of it.

They know we just lost a cat recently, and while the kitten might live a full and happy life, there is a chance he might not. They don't want us to go through the pain if something happened to him. I appreciate them being honest with us. We do still plan to make that addition to the family. We just need to find the right kitten for our family.

The pound said they have some new kittens available tomorrow, and my brother has a girl on the team he coaches whose family just had a litter of kittens too. There is no lack of kittens looking for good homes. It just takes finding the right one for you. We want one that will fit with our family.  Our cat JJ needs the perfect best friend too. I'd have hated to adopt the cat we had originally planned to, and then put JJ and us through the loss of another family member.

In other news, all you Oscar buffs out there, come join me today over at the Media Village forums to dish all about the Oscars. I will be holding a live discussion with a fellow Media Village forum leader starting with the Red Carpet coverage and moving through the final curtain drop tonight. Head on over to here to join Libby and I. She's already there talking, and I'll be joining her soon! Join us!


andrena said...

awww..I hope you find the perfect kitty for your family. I LOVE cats!!! Came through BlogMad...be well!!!

eV said...

Never trust a cat, they always leave, even if they're lying on your bed hoging the pillow...From a DOG person

Raida said...

Aww...sorry to hear about the kitten you intended to adopt. Give it time...the right one for you is just around the corner.

All the best,

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