287. Editing and a sick Mikey

Monday, March 27, 2006

Mikey wants to say hello to everyone. He is actually sitting in front of monitor as I type, watching the letters as they appear on the screen. He is doing a bit better. As I mentioned in my last post, he had come down with a cold. We thought he was on the mend Thursday, but he had a really bad day on Saturday. So bad that I was ready to take him to the 24 hour vet if need be.

The poor little guy was so congested it sounded like a freight train in my room. I kept an eye on him, and Sunday he woke up a lot better. We went to get him some meds to help the congestion, and today he's doing even better. He just needs to get rid of his sneeze. That is taking a bit longer, but the meds we got do seem to be helping. He isn't sneezing nearly as much today.

I think I even developed a sympathy cold because I had the sniffles all weekend too. I was so worried about my little guy that I didn't get much done at all. I have gone through another round of edits on the short I've been working with my mentor on. While working on it today, I had an idea for another scene. My mentor had mentioned the short possibly needing one more scene involving the heros having sex, and I think I found a way to do it and throw in a twist as well. I'll try to work on that later on tonight or during the week at some point.

My main priority is making sure Mikey gets all better from his cold. He's so tiny he had me worried. I hope you're all well. More soon.


Tess Harrison said...

I hope Mickey is doing better. Isn't it cute to watch them as they learn. Our girl loves the computer.

Faith said...

My last cat liked to stomp all over my keyboard. The one I have now prefers to live in the kitchen in case a crumb hits the floor.

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