374. Vanished Episode 1.02

Monday, August 28, 2006

From TV.com: A call comes into the FBI hot line from a man claiming to know Sara as Nicky Johnson several years ago. Also Senator Collins ex-wife Jessica is being looked at as a suspect in the disappearance.

Last week, we saw Sara Collins, wife of a popular Georgia senator vanished from a party held in her honor. We saw as the authorities began to work on the case with enough twists and turns to keep this show somewhat interesting. Somehow a whole season of following one case doesn't appeal to me though. Things need to be kept interesting. Will this show be able to do that throughout an entire season? Tonight's episode titled The Tunnel opens with the senator going live on air to talk about his wife's disappearance. The FBI investigator in charge of the case isn't thrilled about this decision, but he does end up giving him advice when he doesn't see the senator backing down. The senator goes on air, and he makes an impassioned plea to those holding his wife. Currently, the main suspect in the case is the senator's ex-wife who just happens to be in town.

The man that knew Sara Collins before calls in with his information about Nicky Johnson, but his call is marked as a low priority. The investigators continue to work, taking in footage from all the surveillance cameras in the area, and while this is being done their is a match to some fingerprints found in the ex-wife's hotel room. Her son knew she was in town, and the FBI confronts him on this, but the head investigator says the boy wasn't lying to them but to his father. As for the daughter, she has run off, and she has found something that might contain Sara's blood. She is on the run, but when someone follows her and confronts her, she calls Agent Kelton, who brings her in. She gives him the material for testing, and she will tell him where she found it if the blood matches. It doesn't though, and the daughter appears to run again.

Studying the footage, the team finds a discrepancy in time, and this leads them to think Sara might be still in the tunnel in the city. They find signs of her being there, and they also find something else, a bomb waiting for them. Kelton tries to get out of the way, but he is only able to save the person with him before it goes off and the tunnel comes crashing down around him. He survives, and he is able to get out. Things keep getting stranger though because Kelton finds a connection between the number 929, the name Nathan, and his previous case. The person holding Sara might know that he would be put on this case, but he isn't sure for what reason.

We go back in time a bit to 1994 to see Nicky Johnson meet the man in Massachusetts. We see their first meeting before we return to the present to find the senator being questioned about his wife's disappearance and his politics. It appears he has an enemy. The case moves forward, and we see the woman found frozen last week. She is identified, and it appears the woman's husband is the main suspect in that woman's disappearance and murder. However, that man tells Kelton to go after the senator because he knows who has his wife. With one final message to the senator, the older man shoots himself, committing suicide. This hits Kelton hard, and Judy Nash comes to confront him with a phone call. We then another flashback to Nicky and her man back in 1994, and we see him propose before once again jumping back to the present and the senator. Kelton confronts him on what the older man said before pulling the trigger on himself. However, the senator has no idea. He hasn't even met the man.

Things continue to get even more complicated as we meet the ex-wife of the senator, and the victim's mother tries to get Judy Nash to help the people see her daughter. The man that knew Nicky Johnson gets tired of getting nowhere with the hot line, and with another flashback to 1994 we see him decide to go. Sarah's step-daughter confronts her boyfriend about the blood soaked shirt and the money he had. He wants the money back, but the man took it from her. Kelton is called to the morgue to see the quickly decomposed body of the frozen corpse, Amanda McNeal. At the end of the episode, we see the man from Massachusetts go to Judy Nash with information on Sara Collins. This episode had so many twists and turns. It made it a bit difficult to keep up. Too much might have been happening, but with all the question that keep popping up that might also help many keep interest in the show as the season continues on.


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