376. Bones Episode 2.1 (premiere)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

From TV.com: The team investigates a bullet-train derailment.

Bones returns tonight with all new season, its second. This episode follows Bones and her team as they investigate a train derailment. Bones and Booth arrive on scene, and they meet a woman that appears to be from Booth's past, Camilla. She is a coroner, and she doesn't get along with Bones upon first meeting. While going through the wreckage, the body of a senator is found, and the new coroner goes to work on doing autopsy. A man in a car, which is believed to be the cause of the accident, is also found. Bones goes about trying to identify that body, and Hodgins thinks he knows who it is based on a bracelet found on the victim. Upon further investigation, Zack discovers the body that the man died long before the train hit the car.

His identity is confirmed by Bones, and the investigation continues. Booth feels that the victim in the car is the victim of foul play. He is the man behind a huge multi-million dollar company, and his death will cause the stock in that company to plummet. They also find out the man was about to be arrested, and after they talk to his wife he also finds out that she was about to leave him because of his infidelity. Meanwhile, Bones and the team is dealing with the new coroner also being the new head of forensics at the Jeffersonian. Goodman appointed her when Bones was off on vacation, and now Goodman is on his extended break.

Even more curious in this case is that Bones finds out that Warren Lynch, the victim in the car, not only was murdered and a cheat, but he was a junkie. They interview another man, and they find out he was also being blackmailed. Possibly by one of his girlfriends. As the investigation continues, the new boss clashes with Bones and her team. She doesn't want them to be doing out there experiments without her permission. Bones and Booth go out to eat at the end of the day, and Booth tells her about a new development in her mother's case. The man they arrested in connection to it was killed. He was Bones only connection to her father.

Back at the lab, Angela works her magic to create an image of the man found in the car, and they find it definitely wasn't Warren Lynch. Just someone made to look like him. Bones and Booth go on a stake out to find out who the man is that died, and they find him. Someone also finds Warren Lynch, but their is little chance of that man telling them anything useful to solve the case. He was thrown from a speeding car, and before hand he was badly beaten. Booth talks to Camilla about why she took the job there at the Jeffersonian. He assumes it is about him, but she makes it clear that he wasn't even a factor. She wanted a better place to work.

We take a break from the train derailment case for Booth and Bones to interview another man in connection with her mother's death and father's disappearance, but the interview only brings up more questions. It appears that her father somehow had the man responsible for her mother's death killed. Somehow her going through her mother's things brings something to light in the train case. Lynch kept one ring on, even after giving the other man everything else. This leads them Lynch's friend, and Lynch was also involved before he suffered his injuries. Bones leads Booth to try to trip up the man, and this goes against all legal ways of conducting a case. We have just a bit of good cop and bad cop that definitely ends up working. However, the prosecutor on the case is less than thrilled, even the team was able to get results.

At the end of episode, we see Bones visit her mother's grave. She asks her mother about her father. She also finds a dolphin pendant at the grave site, which means her father has been there to the grave since her mother's funeral. I am so glad to see this series back. It is the right mix of drama and comedy, and I'm interested to see what this new cast addition will add to the mix. Camilla is definitely more hands on than Goodman was. This might be a very good thing.


Dramedy Girl said...

I really liked the addition of Camilla. Goodman just was 'eh' for me. I'm glad this is back on and I like that Bones is showing a little more vulnerability this year.

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