372. Empty Days

Thursday, August 24, 2006

You never know how empty your days can become when you stop doing one thing. When you stop doing that one thing, you find you spent a lot of time doing it. Now you just find yourself asking why. I'm waiting for the fall season to kick really into gear. Right now, there isn't much for me to do. Next month will pick things back up. I'm trying to jump back into the fiction, but it is taking a bit of time from my mind to switch gears. I figure right now I should just enjoy this time, and the rest will come in due time. Sounds like an idea anyway right?


JENNA said...

Write a short story. Or poetry. When I get on empty I take a different road. I aways turn back around...but it's fun to go new places... aren'y you following Rockstar Supernova and drooling over Toby and cheering on Storm? (Careful, she's local)

Dana said...

I just went through a blank phase, but am starting to feel the urge to write fiction again. I go between that, poetry and humor. Always a pleasure to meet a fellow writer.

cyberoutlaw said...

You're not alone. I think everyone goes through these phases. Read. Read a book by your favorite writer and just enjoy it. It may even stimulate your imagination to the point where you find yourself jotting something down.

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