359. What is it about August?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ever have life throw just a tiny bit of a curve your way that leaves you feeling like your hands are tied? I'm in a middle of one of those moments right now, and it hasn't been a good feeling. It never is of course, but now I'm starting to wonder if maybe this curve might end up being a good thing. It might push me forward instead of keeping me standing still. As I was thinking about it though, life seems to throw the most curves at me in the month of August. Last August, I pondered starting my own review site, and by September 1st it was up.

Now I'm pondering combining my review site with this one to make it easier to promote and such. I'm still thinking about it. It would be one site instead of two, and then maybe I can buy one domain and webspace instead of two. It wouldn't change the reviews. It would just change where they are located. Anyway, I'm just thinking about it for the moment. The past couple of days I've been writing a lot. I love feeling those creative juices flowing, and it is reminding me just how much I love fiction writing.

I love creating the characters in my head and letting them interact. I love watching them go. It is the best part of writing other than writing those beautiful final words, the end. Sometimes you need to reminded why you loved to write in the first place. This isn't one of the easiest professions to jump into, and if you're not persistant you have a good chance of not ever making it. I'm still trying to make something of myself when it comes to writing. I know I can write, but being able to look at my bank account and say I could support myself by spinning my words together is definitely something I'm still working on doing. It's one day at a time. I'm just not the most patient, but maybe this little curve I've been thrown will push me even further along in my quest. Not that money is everything, but some day I would love to be able to support myself this way.


Vanda said...

You go girl. Of course you can do it. And when you publish the frist best seller I can say that "I used to read her blog!"

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