367. They just keep coming

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The curve balls seem to keep coming. Things keep happening, and I have no control over any of them. Yesterday morning, I received a call from one of cousins that my uncle died that morning. My uncle being my dad's youngest brother. This means my dad is now the last living in his family. His mother died at 102 two years ago, and his five siblings have passed on over the last ten years or so. My dad is eighty at the moment. He turns eighty-one in December, and this is hitting him pretty hard.

Last night, he kept me telling me he was the only one left because everyone else had died. There is nothing I can really say or do. He'd hate for me to hover. So I'm just here if he needs me. I think he's going back to California this weekend for the funeral. He hasn't decided yet. I wasn't all that close to my uncle. My time was spent with my other uncle and my aunt, but yesterday was just a blow. We had no warning he was even sick. The illness crept the last four weeks we were told. So it was sudden. I'm just worried about my father at the moment.


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