364. Another shift

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's amazing how quickly things can turn around. Last week, I wasn't sure what I was doing next or what path I was taking. I felt like I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off with no hope in stopping anytime soon. This week my mind is a little clearer, and I'm moving forward. I've made some plans that I really can't go into right now because I'm not sure if they will go through. I'm looking at all the options and trying to decide what to do next. Even though I'm still figuring things out, life doesn't seem as difficult right now.

I'm still considering making some changes here to this blog and my review site. I'm pondering a domain name and possibly combining the two sites into one. When I began my blog here, my intention was to review items on this site. However, this site turned more into a daily personal blog. Then last September, I decided to expand my reviews, and at that point it seemed only logical to create a separate blog for my reviews. That doesn't seem as logical anymore to me. Why promote two sites when I can promote one? I still have my other blog on media village to promote as well. So the way I see it, two is better than three.

I've been writing a lot more. A couple of weeks ago, I joined a role play type directory where writers can meet and then decide on writing together or not. I've found a few amazing writing partners since I started. A couple of them just blow me away with their writing, and I see myself growing as a writer. I'm challenging myself, and its been exciting and fun at the same time. Usually I'm the type writer than can only five hundred words a day before my brain shuts down, but now I'm pounding out a five hundred word response in twenty minutes, and waiting for the reply. It's interactive and fun. A couple of the scenarios I have at the current time are fun and different too. They are making me think.

The other writer's I'm working with are keeping on my toes, and I already see improvement in my writing. Now I just need to jump into normal fiction writing again. I'm pondering ideas, but nothing is sticking out at me at the moment. I want something new and different. I'm even thinking about heading back into straight writing again. I might be able to sell that a bit easier than the gay romance I've been writing. I just want something new and challenging to grab me. I know I'll come up with the perfect idea for me to jump back into things eventually. I just need a little bit of patience. My Blog of the Week, The Lost Girls, have updated! Why don't you go check out their adventures in Peru!


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