358. Back To Writing

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm exhausted, and I'm about to head to bed, but I knew it had been a couple of days since my last post in here. I've been busy. Busy writing up a storm. No, my fiction muses aren't back, but I think they might be finding their way back to me soon. As I have mentioned in the past, I like to role play. Give me a scenario and a character and let me go. Someone I know made some type of role play network one of the sites I'm on, and I joined it the end of last week. It's a place where people can get together and figure out scenes. Those scenes might go into story lines and whole lives and characters can then be created.

I've begun working with some wonderful writers since I joined. We've created some different scenes together, and I'm really loving writing again right now. My fiction has been so dead since March, and this is fiction in a way. A bit more interactive, but I'm writing, and my brain is tired. I thnk that's a good thing. My mind is usually always going a million miles an hour, looking for something to occupy it. Now it has something. It's reminding me how much I love to write. Not planning anything. Just deciding the basics and then letting her rip so to speak.

I'm hoping that this writing I'm doing now will help me jog loose those fiction writing muses of mine so that I can start on a new story. I'd love to. Right now, I figure I should enjoy what I'm doing and let the rest come naturally. Always worked before. Right now though I'm going to bed.


Battlerocker said...

Sweet Dreams!

Gina said...

Thank you!

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