I will admit ...

Saturday, July 05, 2008

5238dd240x180publicThat I am a messy person. My room is not the cleanest. It's not the type of dirty that is gross and disgusting by any means, but there are clothes and piles of papers all over my room. I revolt against cleaning, and I have for a long time now. Growing up, my mother would be so hard about being nice and neat. As I grew older, I just learned how to hate it. Instead of cleaning, I wish I could just throw at least half of what I have in my room at this moment right out the bedroom window or over the balcony ledge and have it go into some great abyss to never be seen from again.

Could you imagine is we could really do that? I hate doing laundry. I hate vacuuming. I hate everything about it. The rest of the house is fairly neat and tidy thanks to my dad and brother. You would think it would be the men that would be the messy ones, but no its me! I am admitting it fully right here and now. Will I change someday? There is always room for change and improvement. So someday I might change my ways. I need to clean sometimes right? I'm thinking I'm do for a cleaning right now actually.

We have this huge loud vacuum right now, and it is such a pain. There is a new vacuum out right now by Dirt Devil . I used to have one of these myself years ago. It is even Energy Star compliant, which is important. Could the new hand held or stick vac help me in my cleaning? It could. Anything is possible. I just need to stop hating the word!

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