Knowing Your Bill IQ

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Something that has been weighing on my mind a bit lately is finances. Before I was worrying about not making enough money, but now I'm wondering just how much I'm going to get nailed when it comes tax time next year. It really is funny how that works. I don't like credit cards, and I don't like loans. I like to pay with cash or using my debit card straight from my account. I've seen what credit cards can do to a person.

Today I found a site that lets you take a quick test to find how financially fit you are. Debt help is also offered. In just a few short moments, I found out that I'm 85% percent financially fit, which isn't a bad number. It gives me a B. Not an A, but a B. Damn, I'd love that A. I try to pay the bills I do have on time, but since I work freelance from home a set savings is not yet in place for me. I needed to start making money because I could start really saving it. Now I'm working towards that.

I've invested some of my savings, and I have money market accounts where I can. Every little bit of savings helps. With this BillsIQ, I now know I still need to work on things. I need to save better and save more. One thing at a time though. I just started making more money!


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