Keeping Safe On The Internet

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The past few weeks I've been coming across sites that have been labeled as attack sites and have been blocked from my browser. I hadn't seen this much in the past, but now it seems to be more and more common. I like it. It is way of them protecting me from the bad you can find on the Internet - viruses, porn, and the like.

However, these filters aren't always full proof, and there are ways to get around them if you really want to. Today, I found out I can ignore the warning and continue onto the site with just the click of a button. What if that had been a porn site, and I was just a teenager? One button click, and I would be able to see all the porn I wanted. There are a number of free porn sites popping up online. You can even find pornish videos on Youtube if you look around a bit.

Filters can be great, but they aren't always the only line of defense you need. There are programs out there, and today I discovered one that offers porn detection. This one might be something for parents to look into. I know I don't want any kid of mine watching porn. Not that I have kids! I do have nieces though, and if they were younger than they are now, I would want them protected. The youngest just turned eighteen. They grow so fast!


Tim said...

Good idea, I will check out that link for my daughter. I was browsing around today and went to a few sites that were obviously attack sites which started auto-launching browser instances. Fortunately, I'm on a MAC and they appeared to be targeted for Windows as they were presenting fake windows as if Windows had popped up a system failure error window. Unfortunately there are so many of these sites that the ISPs don't seem to be able to keep up with policing it. Many of the sites, like the MySpace page that did this to me, appeared to be hijacked as the owner of the page was a middle-aged woman with a fairly extensive, well-established profile.

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