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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I posted this a few days ago over at the forums at, and I thought I might share this with everyone here. Since I started Celebrity Today, I've taken a crash course on social networking. I'm learning there are things to do and things to avoid. Social networks are meant to be social. You need to take part in them. Vote and leave a few comments. Submit more than just own articles. Some won't even let you submit your own stuff - like Newsvine and Stumbleupon. Stumbleupon will let you up to a certain point, but then it will stop you.

I've learned lately it isn't good to submit every single post on your blog to the social networking sites, digg especially. Submit the ones of length and that are not found already. How many people wrote about Angelina and Brad's twins? A lot. If everyone digged there post about it, that would be a lot of posts on digg with maybe one or two votes.

If you're able to be the first on a topic, if you're able to add something to discussion the other posts haven't already made, then go on ahead and submit. With digg, do not shout every single post. If people have you added as a friend, they will see your post without shouting it. If you do shout, make sure the article is worth the shout. A paragraph about Angelina's reason for naming her babies might get you some looks.

I've used a lot of the social networking sites. From the big ones like Digg, reddit, Stumbleupon, Proppeller and Mixx to the little guys like Blog Engage, Blogatiser, Kirtsy, Livewire, Post on Fire, Thoof, and Blogvine. There are a couple of others, and some have worked better for me than others. Not every single one will work for you.


Tinu said...

Well, people are going to give you credit for the fact that you're trying to learn. There's a lot of free information online you can look at. I'd go to Google and type in site:stumbleupon social network, replacing the phrase social network with the one you want to know more about. You'll find tons of how to articles.

Regina Avalos said...

I've learned a lot just by doing what you suggested. There really is a lot of articles out there that you can find and read about it. I know a lot more than I did a month ago!

betchai said...

it is my challenge to use those social networking sites since i get confused what to do, i tried yesterday, but i got headache :( . i am from today too, well, i am slowly learning. and thanks a lot for the post like this.

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