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Friday, July 25, 2008

Entrecard seems to be a big topic these days, and I know I've been discussing them on my blog a lot lately. I spend a good part of my day using the site promoting my other blog, and I've become a bit more active in the forums. Today, they announced they now have over 15,000 blogs in their system, and that is a huge number.

Not too long ago, they announced their partnership with Sezwho, which I did install on this blog for awhile. I just never found it to be working properly, so I ended up removing it after a few days. I know others have had problems with it. I was willing to try it though. I will give anything a fair shake.

Right now, I'm learning my way through twitter. I found Problogger's social media love in yesterday, and I went through and made some new twitter friends. I went from having a small list of people to follow to a rather large list. I'm learning how to manage it now, and it is getting easier. Always good to make more friends!


Angelika said...

I just can't get into Twitter. I don't like having to go to a different website to update my mood. Read my blog, that's how you find out my mood, LOL.

Gem said...

Since I've joined Entrecard, my traffic improved and I gained interested readers in my site.

I also have Twitter too, but I do not use it so much.

SezWho has been having alot of issues recently! Mainly due to alot of blogs installing it in a short amount of time.

With Twitter, my suggestion is to watch the pre-season videos at thirtydaychallenge.com they have alot of great videos on using services such as twitter.

Also angelika, why go to another site when you can use twirl? =P i have twirl running 24/7 and when i have 2 seconds to spare, i open it up and read through and reply.

Anonymous said...

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