237. Plotting thoughts

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Last night, someone on one of the forums I'm on mentioned my plotting something out this month if my muses don't kick into gear. I'm not much of a plotter. I've never been a plotter. I jump in head first into whatever project I'm working on, traveling down the journey of the story as the characters present it to me. Sometimes I do wonder if I plotted more if I could write faster or more.

I've never plotted though, so when I try to plan out a whole entire story from beginning to end I just got lost. I get ideas for stories in scenes, and sometimes those scenes don't come in any certain order. I'll jump back and forth for a bit until I find some kind of stride, and I go through to the end. Either that or I'll never find a good stride, and the story ends up getting shelved.

I have thought about trying plotting more. Making use of some different software programs, techniques,  and good old paper and pen if necessary. What plotting techniques do you plotters out there use? Are there any specific programs or other things you use to help you along the way? Help s true fly by the seat of her pants writer out!

In other news, I picked up Lindsay Lohan's new CD, A Little More Personal (Raw), recently, and I reviewed it today over on my review site. Check for the direct link to my review on my sidebar under the listening to sub heading. I've also added a Christmas sub-heading with some links to some of my favorite tunes and some Christmas fun stuff. So check those things out!

Have a great night everyone.


Kelly Parra said...

Gina, I have never used plotting software. So I can't help you there, and I don't plot much, either. lol!

When I'm truly lost without a direction I sometimes work with "The Hero's Journey" to help me get moving.

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