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Thursday, December 29, 2005

I just took one of those IQ tests found here, and this is part of what it told me.

You are equipped with a verbal arsenal that enables you to understand complex issues and communicate on a particularly high level. These talents make you a Word Warrior.

Whether or not you recognize it, your vocabulary is your strongest suit -- use it whenever you can. Since your command of words is so great, you are also a terrific communicator -- able to articulate big ideas to just about anyone. Your word smithing prowess will also help in artistic and creative pursuits. The power of words translates to fresh ideas off paper too. Since you have so many words at your disposal, you are in a unique position to describe things in an original way, as well as see the future in your mind's eye. In short, your strengths allow you to be a visionary -- able to extrapolate and come up with a multitude of fresh ideas.
So my IQ even recognizes the skills I have as a writer. My IQ came in at 126. I always love taking online tests, and I did my IQ last year, and I think the results were similar. I've had a headache on and off all night, and I'm a bit anxious about some writing related things to my nonfiction. It isn't letting me work on the short flasher I wanted to for this contest I wish to enter. The pressure will be off tomorrow though, so I'm hoping to put together some of my ideas into something I can work with and submit on Saturday. We will have to see. Right now, my head is still hurting a bit, so I'm cutting this short.

Have a wonderful night everyone.


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