238. Frustration!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A bit of a late post today. Wasn't all that busy, but I was just having a bit of a block when it came to this blog. Not sure how to say the thoughts swirling around my head. Although that seems to be the case lately – at least when it comes to my fiction. My fiction writing seems to be at a complete and total standstill, and it seems to be starting to frustrate me just a little. There is nothing.

Usually throughout the day, I'd have random snippets of dialogue or description pop up out of nowhere, but now it is articles for my other blogs that seem to be popping up in my head at random times during the day. That just isn't going to work, but I'm not sure how to fix it. I know the whole sit down and just write approach, but when I do that I still find nothing. Not sure what the next step is. I'd really like to get back into my fiction writing because things are a bit slower this month, and I know next month is going to possibly be a bit insane. I'll keep trying.

In other news, my latest book review is up over on Romance Divas. This review is of The Vampire Sextette, a vampire anthology of novellas. I really enjoyed the book, except for a couple of areas. Check out the review in the book reviews section of the website. There are plenty of other reviews to read while you're there!

I hope you're all well. Have a great night!


Kelly Parra said...

Ugh, when the muse is clogged it is very frustrating, Gina. So sorry it's tough on the fiction front, but at least you are writing. Hope the fiction comes alive for you soon. =)

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