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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Jennifer stopped by just now to let me know she tagged me, and since I was still up I decided to go ahead and do this now - the life of an insomniac. This is 15 thinklings about books.

1. I read my first romance novel at the age of 13. It was giving to me by my best friend. I remember there were balloons on the cover but not much else.

2. I wrote my first short story at the age of 10.

3. My favorite author growing up was V.C. Andrews. I saw Flowers in the Attic, and I found the book. I became hooked, and I read all I could grab of hers there after.

4. My favorite book by Anne Rice is The Witching Hour. I just never could get into the Lestat series at all for some reason, and I love stories about vampires.

5. I wrote my first gay romance piece close to five years ago, at the urging of a friend.

6. In my teens, I fell in love with Stephen King's writing. My favorite books of his were and are The Stand and It.

7. I love to read a story that really gets into a characters head, but not too much because then it starts to really drag and gets hard to read.

8. If given a choice between watching the movie or the book, where both are available, I'd choose the book first. Then I'd watch the movie.

9. I used to totally love historical romance novels. I used to read them all the time in high school and college, but I just lost interest in them over the years.

10. If I love a book, I can read it over and over again. I never get bored of my favorite books. I can read a scene over and over even.

11. I can never read a book in hard cover. I rarely finish them.

12. I recently learned the love of audio when it comes to reading. Sometimes having it read to you is just as enjoyable as reading, especially when it comes to e-books. However, if given a choice between an e-book or a print one, I'd take the print one first any day.

13. I lost over half my book collection back in 1994 when my building was condemned following the Northridge earthquake.

14. I generally read two books at a time. I have each one in a different room of the house, so if I'm in one and not the other I can read there.

15. My room is covered in books. I have so many they don't even fit on my bookshelf.

I never know who to tag on these meme things, so if you haven't done this meme yet, and you want to go ahead. Just let me know, so I can go check out your answers.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


jen.nifer said...

Thanks for participating :) And I must give the Audio thing a whirl too!

Dawno said...

Great post. I like the 15 things meme a lot. The things one learns! I have great affection for Northridge (long story) and was very sad at how hard the 'quake hit - I'm sorry that you had to be part of that.

You and I also share favorite King books - I re-read The Stand and It annually. And that we re-read books!

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