239. Writing Everyday

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Yesterday I expressed my frustration with my fiction writing. It has been totally non-existent since some time in October. In my comments, Kelly said that at least I'm writing. This is very true. I've had many days where I have written absolutely nothing. I've even had months with the same. There was a year or two where I wrote very little. That ended about a year ago. I had suffered a deep depression, and the very thought of even writing a word was out of the question.

There is a huge difference between this time last year, and an even bigger difference than a couple of years. I'm getting somewhere. I'm moving forward, even if it is slow. I have plans for after the New Year to approach some of the local newspapers to see if I can get some thing going here in this area. I'll talk more about that when I post my goals for 2006 sometime later this month.

Another difference between this time last year and this year, I have to write every day. There is really no way around it now. My one site needs daily content. I spend a couple of hours each day finding news to cover that appeals to me and possibly will appeal to others. My review site is updated several nights a week depending on when shows air and I have other items to review.

When you ask writers for advice they always say to write everyday, no matter what you write. Start a habit of it. See that isn't my problem though. I do write everyday. Could I be writing so much that my fiction muses have gone into hiding? I know it’ll get worse because I'll write for other publications or websites at some point. How do I train my fiction muses to work with everything else I do? I'm still working on that because I know I want to write both. I just need to figure out how to do it.

Have a wonderful night everyone.


Victor said...

Yes, I think blogging can take away from your "real" writing time. I find that posting everyday doesn't leave much time for the other writing projects that I want to finish up. At the same time, however, I think that blogging is a wonderful means to strengthen your writing skills (as well as allowing you to develop good writing habits.) I'll just have to learn to appropriate my time better for my other writing desires, I suppose.

Just my two cents!

Take care,


Gina said...

Thanks for stopping by, Victor! It isn't my blogging that is taking the time though. It's my nonfiction writing gigs taking over and making it hard to find time to write my fiction.

Kelly Parra said...

Only you can find the balance of non-fic and fic writing. I enjoy working on my website, but I know I have to write my fiction, and I enjoy blogging, so I have to squeeze that all in. Maybe set time limits, maybe just say "I'm going try and start off small" and write 15 - 30 minutes of fiction and you're just going to write whatever comes to mind. Like a writing prompt. You don't plan or plot, you think of a scenario and you just write what could happen. We do them at chapter meetings. =)

Victor said...

Ah, there I go, completely missing the point again. ;)

Take care,


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