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Friday, December 09, 2005

I just found this new blog traffic the other day while surfing over at BlogExplosion. I decided to give it a try, and I'm quite pleased with the results. BlogTraffic.org has a 30 second timer and a 1:1 surf ratio, which means for every site you view you get a hit back to your site. In order to get your blog in rotation, you'll have to surf 100 sites, and you don't have to do this all in one session either. The site is new, and is still in beta a bit.

The only problem I had with the site is when I submitted my email to register, I got a blank page. This meant I didn't get my validation email. This problem was quickly resolved by just requesting the activation email to be resent. I've seen a steady stream of visits to my sites. In fact, I need to surf some more this weekend! Your credits don't sit and wait. Your sites will be seen. Check it out if you're interested. Another blog exchange I have used with great success, VirtualLoop.com has just upped its surf ratio to 1:1. BlogTraffic and Virtual Loop are the only two blog exchanges with that ratio right now.

BlogExplosion is still by far my favorite exchange though. Much is happening with that exchange. Just this week, they have added free stat counters, and starting tonight they are having a holiday contest just for those that actively surf their site. For each blog you view, you'll get a point towards the Christmas contest. At the end of each day, the number of points you have that day will equal the chances you have to win cash and prizes! Blogexplosion members go check it out! Who wouldn't love a little extra holiday money? For those blogazoos out there, here is your new g-a-z-o-o.

I have new Blog of the Week today! Check out my sidebar for blog of author Jeremy Shipp, Haunted House Dressing. He even has a Secret Santa program for bloggers up and running, but I'm not sure if its too late to jump in. Check it out if you're interested!


I really love all the great info you gather for bloggers, Gina. It’s so helpful. In fact, I have your previous post about generating blog traffic highlighted in my current blog post. ;-)

Gina said...

Thank you Daisy! I look at different places all the time to gain more traffic to all of my sites, so I figure I might as well share what little I know with other bloggers.

jen.nifer said...

Hi Gina, this is my very first comment here! I'd tagged you last week, by the way, so, have you got 15 "thinklings" about books in general? :)

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