380. TV Review: Bones Episode 2.2

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

From TV.com: Booth and Brennan examine the remains of a woman and fetus found in the Delaware Bay. The body is that of a pregnant newlywed whose mysterious disappearance one year ago had been major national news story. Her husband is the prime suspect in the case, but he disappears before Brennan and Both question him, prompting Booth to call for a manhunt. Booth is upset that his ex-girlfriend is letting their son spend time with her new boyfriend.

Tensions are still running high between Camilla and Temperance at the Jeffersonian still. We saw these two go head to head a bit last week, and this week that continues as the body of a woman is found in the Delaware Bay. Booth brings Bones in because it might be the body of a woman that disappeared the year before. Her husband was the most likely suspect, but he had to be let go when no body was found. Bones wants to rush to the scene, even though she has no idea who the missing woman is. However, Camilla leaves for the scene first, and even arrives there first. Booth and Bones discuss the irritation Bones has with her new boss on the way to the scene.

At the scene, the body is brought up, and Bones goes to work along with Camilla and Zack. They also find the remains of a fetus that appear viable. Bones and Camilla have a moment choosing the best way to approach the investigation, but things settle. Back at the lab, the team goes back to work on identifying the bodies of both the woman and the fetus, but it is clear to see this is the body of the missing woman. Camilla is set on pinning the murder of the woman and baby on her husband. In fact, in her mind the case is already a done deal. The body just settles things. This goes against Temperance's sense of research and ethics. Bones wants to continue working on things in her own way, but Camilla wants their work done so she can go on with her weekend of poker and drinks.

While working on the organs still left in the body, Camilla finds a locket inside the dead woman's lung with the words 'I love you Kenny' engraved on one side. The team starts to work on who this Kenny is, and after interviewing the woman's friends, they discover it was the woman's dog, now dead, and possibly even killed by her husband. He isn't the most stable of tempered men. He is also on the run as Booth has found out. On his way out of the city, he even hit his current girlfriend. She does defend him though. As for the investigation, Hodgins makes a startling find in the body of a fish found with the victim. It appears the woman was placed in fresh water before being put in the bay.

The team goes to find the fresh water source, but they are unsuccessful after going through one lake. In fact, the bones they find belong to a raccoon. The only other fresh water source they can find is too far away, and it makes her husband less likely to be a suspect. This doesn't make Camilla happy because the pressure is on her to bring the husband in. She knows that is less than likely to happen now, so she wants the team to find out who did it.

Bones and the team sets up an experiment to figure out who might have caused the injuries to the dead woman. Each of them, including Booth, proceed to stab a make-up of the woman, and it appears that the experiment gives them a new possible suspect, the man's girlfriend. This woman might have also killed the husband because he is still missing as well. The woman, Karen, is adamant that she didn't do it. However, Bones and Booth aren't convinced.

Meanwhile, Hodgins finds the freshwater source and the place the woman was killed. It appears she was killed in New Jersey, and her body was washed down the Delaware River and finally ended up washing up on shore at the Delaware Bay. They do find the source, and even more shocking they soon discover that the body of the fetus they found wasn't truly the body of a fetus but of a baby that was alive two weeks before it was killed and placed with the victim. Her child appears to have been ripped from her and taken. Could it possibly still be alive?

The team continues to work on the body of the baby, hoping to use it to identify the killer because that person is probably raising Carly's baby. While they are working, a call comes in and Kyle Richardson has been found. He thinks he is still a suspect, but Bones and Booth quickly tell him he no longer is. They also tell him his child might be alive. After Angela runs the skull through her analysis, they find that the baby that died could actually belong to a friend of Carly's. They go to find her, and they find the baby that would have belonged to the victim. The little boy is reunited with its reluctant father.

A secondary story line in this week's episode deals with Booth and his ex and their son. The woman is dating someone new, and this rubs Booth the wrong way. Things are tense, and they only get worse as the episode progresses. Booth even has the man investigated. However, by the end of the episode Booth meets the man and things seem to work out. This episode was actually an improvement over last week's. In that episode, we were dealing with the new addition to the cast, and the interaction felt a bit off. This week, we see the team settling into their new roles and it just felt more natural to me. Check back next week for another all new episode!


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