383. TV Review: Dancing With The Stars Season 3 Premiere

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dancing With The Stars returns to ABC tonight with its all new third season. More celebrities, two additional weeks, and more dancing fun this time around. This time around we have eleven celebrities pairing up with eleven dancing professionals. Tonight the men will be dancing the cha cha with their partners, and the women will be dancing the fox trot. Tonight's show opens up with Joey Lawrence, of Blossom fame, dancing with his partner Edyta Sliwinska. Starting off is never easy, but these two do wonderfully. The judges each give the pair a seven, and they do suggest to Joey to work on his hips. Next up we have country singer Sara Evans and her partner Tony Dovolani. These two are beautiful performing together, but what did the judges think? Len Goodman says they have a few problems. Tony also says the two have potential, but he focuses on Sara. Carrie Ann also has some suggestions for Sara.

Third up tonight is Tucker Carlson, a political journalist, and his partner is Elena Grinenko. These two also perform a cha cha. It is obvious from the start that Tucker has little experience on the dance floor. His partner will be happy if she can get him through the first couple of weeks. What confidence she has in her partner, and that is even more obvious when he spends the first third of the routine seated. I think we have our first contestant for possible booting though depending on how the rest of the night goes. The pair is given a total score of twelve. Next we see Monique Coleman of High School Musical with her partner Louis Van Amstel. We saw him last season dance with Lisa Rinna, where he made it to the top four. These two are great on stage, but the judges think the chemistry is lacking between the two. Carrie also tells Monique that she overdid the facial expressions. The judges give them a total of nineteen.

Emmitt Smith dances his way from the football field to the dance floor with last season's champion, Cheryl Burke. Emmitt is no Drew Lachey, but he goes on stage and he does okay. The two look like they have fun together performing as well, and they receive the first standing ovation of the night and the show. The judges love the performance as well. They each give the pair an eight for a total of twenty-four. The highest score of the night so far. We next see singer Willa Ford with her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy. These two appear to have great chemistry during rehearsals, and this translate to great chemistry on the dance floor. The three judges have nothing but positive things to say about the couple, and they give the two a combined score of twenty-two. This puts them in second place at this point of the night.

Next up we have Mario Lopez and his partner Karina Smirnoff. We see Mario in rehearsals, and he has a very hyper attitude. You have to wonder how he will do on stage. However, we can see there was no reason to worry at all. He takes the stage, and the two are hot together. Mario can definitely move his hips. The judges comment on both the couple's sex appeal and chemistry together. This might be this season's Drew and Cheryl. These two head passed Emmitt and his partner with a new high score for the night of twenty-six.

Next up is former Miss USA and actress, Shanna Moakler and her partner, Jesse DeSoto. Shanna is going through a lot at the moment with her divorce from Travis Barker making news in recent weeks. Shanna and Jesse are just beautiful together as they perform. However, the judges don't have much positive to say about the two, and the two get a total score of eighteen from the three. Harry Hamlin, an actor, is up next with his partner Ashley DelGrosso. Harry's wife, Lisa Rinna, was on the series last season. Ashley was on the series last year with her partner Master P. On stage, Harry looks to be trying too hard to dance. He definitely appeared to be nervous. These two have much said by the judges, and not much is good. They receive a combined score of seventeen.

The last two up tonight to dance are actress Vivica A. Fox and talk show host Jerry Springer. First up we see Vivica with Nick Kosovich, and these two heat up things just a bit. Bruno tells Vivica she made it dirty. However, Carrie Ann comments on their technique. Carrie Ann gives the pair their lowest score, but the men score the pair higher. It comes to a combined score of twenty-two. Last up for the night is Jerry Springer, and he dances with partner Kym Johnson, who is the champion of the Australian version of Dancing With The Stars. Jerry might not be a great dancer, but he definitely had some fun on stage. The judges give this couple a combined score of sixteen.

I think based on tonight's performances we might see Tucker Carlson go home tomorrow night. Shanna Moakler and Harry Hamlin are also in danger, but most everyone did good enough to stick around at least one more week. We'll have to wait until tomorrow night to find out just who will be sticking around for next week's show.


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