387. TV Review: Vanished Episode 5

Monday, September 18, 2006

From TV.com: New evidence linking Sara's disappearance with another high profile case.
At the end of last week's episode, we saw a coffin brought up from the bottom of a reservoir. This week, we see just what was in that very coffin. It being empty except for an earring. That earring coming from the body of Amanda McNeal, which is the woman they had found earlier this season. She had been locked in the coffin alive, and then put where the reservoir would be. When the water rushed in, she drowned in the coffin she was trying to get out of. Kelton puts two and two together, and he now sees the connection that someone is trying to get him to make. However, he has more to deal with. It turns out that Ben was transferred to Federal lock-up without his authorization. He goes to check the paper work, and someone forged his name. This sends him to check on Ben, and he arrives to see Ben being attacked by another inmate. Kelton shoots that man, and he saves Ben's life in the process.

We next see the senator in his hospital bed with his children. They don't know that he is faking it to put off the hearings. He wants to tell them, but he knows he can't. The hearings have been pushed back to that following Monday. His associate comes in and he tells them that Ben has been injured. Meanwhile, Ben is questioned by Kelton, and he gives up Quinn. This leads Kelton to search for her, but first he needs a warrant. Once he gets that, they merge onto her apartment, but they find out she has escaped through a passageway underneath her apartment. The passage leads underneath the city, and the FBI under Kelton's command goes through the tunnels in search of Quinn. They do end up finding her just as she emerges.

Meanwhile, Peter Manning has his own problems. The tape he had of Nicky Johnson has been stolen, and he thinks Judy Nash has done it. He goes to her, and she tells him that she wasn't responsible. Someone has took the footage she had to. This leads to them joining forces. Judy talks him into going on air, and once he does the senator sees this. This leads him to remember of an incident on their honeymoon where someone thought she was a woman she once knew named Nicky. Back at FBI headquarters, Kelton is questioning Quinn. She is not named that though. She puts the blame on Ben, calling him an addict and a liar. However, on the woman's laptop they find a streaming video feed that is coming from where Sara is being held. Sara is indeed still alive. Even with the feed, they can't find her without the woman's help. She doesn't appear willing to make a deal though. Kelton does tell the senator Sara looks alive, but not how he knows.

As for Jeffrey, the lie he told about the heart attack is discovered by his ex. She also tells his children, and this doesn't help him much. He also wants to meet with Peter to talk about Nicky and his wife Sara. Quinn is being transferred, and she called the media to be there when it happened. She uses the media to send a message to whoever she is working with. We just don't know what that message is because the text written on her palm is in some unknown language. With a bit of searching, Kelton figures out it is Masonic.We are then taken back to the senator's home to meet Mr. Manning. The two talk, and it doesn't go well. Jeffrey wants Peter to back off, but it turns out Peter might be telling the truth, As for Kelton, he and his team are able to decode the message, and it says to pull the plug. Soon after the message is decoded, the feed goes blank.

This series is still one I'm wondering about. I'm not quite sure about it at this point. It has been picked up for at least three more episodes after the initial six, but FOX hasn't made a commitment passed that. I'm not sure if I'm hooked enough on this show to want it to stick around either at this point. Next week, we have the premiere of Heroes, and that show already has me interested based on the promos I've seen. This will be Vanished's direct competition. Will viewers continue to tune in or jump over to watch Heroes on NBC? We'll find out next week.


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